About RankHox

Our goal is to help bloggers run a sustainable and profitable blog.

Meet The Founder Of RankHox

About Ahfaz

Hey there! I’m Ahfaz Ahmed and I’m the founder of RankHox.

I’m a full-time blogger, designer, and entrepreneur.

To put it simply, I love doing creative work. Whether it’s writing articles, building businesses, or designing cool stuff.

My goal is to help others live a successful creative life doing what they love.

What Is RankHox & How Can It Help You

I started my first blog in 2014. Back then, I had no knowledge about how to write content, what SEO is, or how to monetize my blog.

I just loved writing content that would help others.

Over time, I learned so much about Blogging, SEO, Marketing, WordPress, and Social Media. As I gained knowledge about these things, I wanted to share this.

And that’s how my blog ahfazahmed.net was born. I spent the last 6 years writing content based on my own learnings and experiments.

Since I was a designer, I wasn’t able to focus on my personal blog much. Besides, I was also writing design-related content on that blog.

For a long time, I wanted to create a blog dedicated to helping learn blogging, SEO, and how to make money online.

And that’s how RankHox was born.

But there are so many great blogs that educated people out there. Why should there be another?

This is what I thought prior to starting RankHox.

With RankHox, my goal is to share all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years.

The knowledge that helped me run multiple successful online ventures.

And I want to share all of that with you.

Because here’s the thing:

There are no secrets, hacks, or tips that will help you grow your blog or business.

But there are Systems. There are Approaches. There are Workflows.

And that’s what makes a business successful.

Fortunately, I was able to build such systems over the years that helped me get to where I am now.

And with this blog, I aspire to help others create their own systems, approaches, and workflows.

At RankHox, I will share content that is backed by research, detailed, and most importantly actionable.

It’s one thing to say you need to post more on social media to grow your brand presence. But it’s completely different when you tell them EXACTLY how you can do that.

With RankHox, I plan to do the latter.

My goal is to focus on the HOW to help you grow your business.

Want to increase your website traffic?

I’ll share the strategies that worked for me and show how you can implement them.

Want to build links?

I’ll share how I build links for my websites.

Want to write great content?

I’ll share how I write content and my entire process to help you become a better content writer.

All in all, my focus will be to help you achieve your business goals.

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