About Rankhox

A “blog about blogging” but with a twist!

RankHox is a blog with a goal to challenge the status quo and deliver exceptional value that will leave you in awe! Here’s my story of who I am and why I started RankHox.

This is a long story!

And it begins when I discovered the world of blogging. My brother was already growing his blog iftiSEO and I also wanted to do the same.

I started my first blog named GraphicTunnel where I posted content about graphic and web design.

Back then, I did not know about blogging, SEO, and marketing. I just published content and shared it everywhere.

Even without much knowledge about blogging, I managed to grow that blog and started driving 30-60k monthly visits in its first year.

But as a high school student, I had to step back from my blogging activities and focus more on my studies.

During my hiatus, I spent some of my time learning more about blogging and SEO. I discovered bloggers such as Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Matthew Woodward, and more.

I learned so much about how to run a blog and different tips to drive traffic, build links, or rank on Google.

I started experimenting with what I learned. This is when I got an idea!

What if I teach blogging?

What? I am not even close to being an expert!

Why should I teach blogging?

Well, the inspiration behind this idea came after looking at the Indian blogosphere back in 2015.

Back then, there were only a handful of Indian blogs talking that taught blogging and SEO.

Blogs like BloggingCage, BloggersPassion, iftiSEO, and a few others were the only ones publishing valuable content on blogging and SEO.

The content published on these blogs were guides, reviews, and some occasional case studies.

And that’s how I decided to differentiate myself.

My inspiration came from bloggers like Brian Dean and Glen Alstopp who only published case studies and their blogging experiences.

Since I was already experimenting with different ways to grow my blog, I thought:

What if I shared my experiments as case studies?

Whether my experiments work or fail, I could still share my journey of blogging.

And that’s how I started my personal blog ahfazahmed.net (now my design portfolio).

Doing something different is fun!

I started conducting different experiments and started publishing on my blog.

Here are some of my favorite ones:

How I Improved My Website Traffic By 121% Conducting A Headline Audit
The Headline Formula That Drives 1000s Of Shares
Hacking Blogger Outreach Using The BFF Commenter Technique

These are only a few examples of the type of content I used to publish on my personal blog.

The idea was simple:

Experiment with something and publish the results on your blog.

And it worked!

My content got recognized by a lot of bloggers in the industry.

My favorite moment in my blogging journey was when Guy Kawaski (someone I admire a lot) shared one of my blog posts on social media.

This was the 4th blog post published on my personal blog. And getting this kind of recognition early on was enough to push the 17-year-old me to work harder.

Taking a little detour

While blogging, I got interested in the WordPress ecosystem and had an idea for a WordPress plugin.

But having no coding knowledge meant I couldn’t develop it myself.

So, after a year of pondering and researching, I partnered with Paras Shah to build what was our first WordPress plugin: Smart Content Filter.

After this plugin, we started Pixify to build more plugins and themes.

After Smart Content Filter, we built two WordPress themes and an Elementor plugin called Designer Powerup.

This little detour helped me gain a lot of experience not only running a serious business but also understanding the WordPress and blogging market in a deeper way.

But it came with the cost of me losing focus of my personal blog and not publishing content there very often.

How I got here

Fast-forward to 2020 when I had moved on from Pixify to focus on my other project GridRule.

By then, I had completely lost focus of my personal blog ahfazahmed.net and started considering turning it into my design portfolio.

But I still wanted to write about SEO, marketing, and blogging. After all, now I am more knowledgeable than ever! I had so much to share!

That’s how the idea of RankHox came into the picture.

But what I did back in 2016 on my personal blog wasn’t unique anymore. Everyone started catching up and publishing content the way I did.

Especially, the Indian blogosphere got filled with so many young bloggers who started their own “blogs about blogging”.

And that’s how I noticed something.

Today, bloggers are motivated by affiliate income. As a result, this results in poor content with no quality standards whatsoever.

If you don’t believe me, search for the keyword “how to start a blog” and you’ll notice EVERY article promoting the same hosting (Bluehost).

Why? Because it generates a lot of affiliate income for them.

I’m noticing a trend of bloggers publishing content for the sake of making that sweet affiliate income.

It seems that many bloggers don’t even test the products they review. They only visit the landing page, go to the features page, and write an article.

As someone who always published reviews and content based on personal experience, it hurts me to see how the blogging landscape is changing.

And that’s what I intend to change with RankHox.

My goal for RankHox is to publish content that’s based on my experiences. Whether it’s an article about the top blogging mistakes or a review of a WordPress plugin, it’ll be honest, true, and authentic.

I know I can make a ton of money shilling myself publishing content without any regard for my readers.

But I don’t want to do that.

I want to be authentic, honest, and have my own voice.

That’s pretty much what RankHox is all about!

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