5 Best Copyscape Alternatives In 2022 [Free & Paid]

Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism checker tools on the Internet. It’s a tool that I use often to check the plagiarism of the content I publish on my websites. 

But it’s still not my first choice for a plagiarism checker tool because it lacks some features. 

In this article, I’ll share some of the best Copyscape alternatives that I’ve discovered and used over the years. 

If you’re someone looking for a new plagiarism checker, these Copyscape alternatives will be a great replacement. 

Without wasting any further time, let’s get started. 

Best Free Copyscape Alternatives 

In this list of the best Copyscape alternatives, I’ll be covering only 5 tools that I believe are excellent replacements for Copyscape. 

Instead of listing 10-20 different tools, I’ll be focusing on just these 5 alternatives and how they can help you with plagiarism checking. 

But if you’re short on time, you can review the following Copyscape alternatives table to get a quick idea of the tools discussed below along with their pricing: 



Free- $9.99/mo


Free – $30/mo







Let’s dive in. 

1. QueText

QueText is by far the best and my personal favorite plagiarism checker tool. It uses the  DeepSearch™ technology that identifies plagiarism with very high accuracy. 

QueText ReviewPin

Their search algorithms are very smart and use contextual analysis along with word placement to check for plagiarism. 

What I love about QueText is that it uses ColorGrade feedback to visually demonstrate what parts of your content are plagiarism. It uses different colors to help you spot exact and near-exact matches in your content. 

QueText - Plagiarism ReportPin

You can then click on these parts and QueText will show you the source of the content. 

QueText - ColorGrade FeedbackPin

This makes plagiarism checking very fast and easy especially if you’re a blogger reviewing articles for your website. 

Lastly, QueText also gives a plagiarism score to help you get an overall idea of your content piece. 

Here are some key features of QueText:

  • DeepSearch™ technology
  • ColorGrade™ feedback 
  • Originality report
  • URL & domain exclusion 
  • Citation assistant
  • Export reports
  • Multiple file uploads

Let’s take a look at the pricing of QueText: 

QueText - PricingPin

QueText comes with a free plan that lets you check 2000 words/month. Besides that, they only have a paid plan that costs $9.99/month and lets you check 100,000 words. 

The free plan doesn’t have features such as downloadable reports, citation assistant, etc whereas the pro plan includes all the features. 

The pricing of QueText is very affordable for the number of words you get every month. Also, the existence of a single plan makes it very simple and less confusing for users. 

QueText - LogoPin

Why Choose QueText Over Copyscape?
While Copyscape is a good plagiarism checker, it doesn’t come with color-graded feedback or a plagiarism score which could be confusing for beginners. 

QueText on the other hand is clean, simple, and intuitive which makes it perfect for almost everyone. 

  • It comes with a free plan 
  • Plagiarism detection is very accurate
  • URL exclusion can be a useful feature
  • Color-graded reports are helpful for beginners
  • Privacy comes standard
  • The free plan is limited
  • No annual plans are available
  • It’s a browser-only tool with no apps

Starts at: $9.99/month

2. Grammarly

I’m sure you’ve heard about Grammarly before and have probably even used it for grammar checking. But not a lot of people know that Grammarly also comes with a plagiarism checker tool. 

Their plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism by checking over 16 billion pages on the Internet. 

It also comes with color-graded feedback and provides a plagiarism score for all the content you check. It highlights duplicate content to help you browse through the plagiarized content in your document. 

Copyscape AlternativesPin

One of the biggest reasons for mentioning Grammarly in this list is that it’s also a grammar and punctuation checker tool. 

This makes it a perfect tool for someone who doesn’t just want a plagiarism checker but an all-in-one solution to produce good content. 

Here are the key features of Grammarly:

  • Color-graded feedback 
  • Plagiarism score
  • Highly accurate
  • Grammar checker
  • Punctuation checker
  • Tone detector

Let’s take a look at the pricing of Grammarly: 

Grammarly - Pricing PlansPin

The plagiarism checker of Grammarly is only available in their Premium and Business plans. The premium plan costs $30/month or $12/month if paid annually. 

Grammarly also comes with a free plan but it only comes with its grammar checker, spelling checker, and punctuation checker.

Grammarly - LogoPin

Why Choose Grammarly Over Copyscape?
While Copyscape may be ahead in its plagiarism detection, Grammarly is still a great alternative for users who want an all-in-one solution for content creation. 

The grammar checking abilities paired with the plagiarism detection of Grammarly can be a perfect combination for bloggers and content creators. 

  • It comes with Color-graded feedback 
  • Shows the Plagiarism score
  • Can make tone adjustments
  • Powerful grammar checker
  • Web and mobile apps available
  • Plagiarism detection is not available in their free plan 

Starts at: $30/month

3. ProWritingAid

Next up on this list of CopyScape alternatives is ProWritingAid. It’s very similar to Grammarly as it comes with both a plagiarism checker and a grammar checker. 

Their plagiarism checker detects plagiarism by checking over a billion web pages on the Internet. The plagiarism results are very accurate and can give you a clear idea of the originality of your content. 

ProWritingAid - Plagiarism CheckerPin

Moreover, it comes with 20 different reports such as the writing style report, grammar report, readability report, pacing check, diction report, etc. 

ProWritingAid - Writing ReportsPin

What I love about ProWritingAid is that you get access to these awesome grammar tools and features that can lift up the quality of your content. 

Here are the key features of ProWritingAid: 

  • Color-graded plagiarism feedback 
  • Accurate plagiarism detection 
  • 20 different reports
  • In-depth reports
  • Visual reports

Let’s look at the pricing of ProWritingAid:

ProWritingAid - PricingPin

The pricing of ProWritingAid starts at $20/month and goes as high as $399 for its lifetime plan. 

But there’s one caveat. 

To get access to their plagiarism checker, you’ll have to purchase extra credits. 

The credits start at $5 for 10 plagiarism checks. 

To get access to both the plagiarism checker and the other features, you can get their Premium Plus plans.

ProWritingAid - LogoPin

Why Choose ProWritingAid Over Copyscape?
ProWritingAid is a great alternative to Copyscape if you’re looking for a powerful grammar checker tool along with a plagiarism checker. 

The 20 different reports in ProWritingAid make it an attractive option as it can significantly help you improve your content.

  • The plagiarism reports are very accurate
  • It comes with a free browser extension 
  • Reports are in-depth 
  • Plagiarism checker isn’t available in their Premium plans. You’ll have to buy extra credits separately or get the Premium Plus plan. 

Starts at: $20/month

4. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke plagiarism checker is an affordable alternative to Copyscape. It can help you detect plagiarism from your blog posts, research papers, documents, and more. 

The plagiarism checker by Whitesmoke is very fast and reliable resulting in highly accurate plagiarism reports. Their tool scans over billions of pages to detect plagiarism in your content. 

Copyscape AlternativesPin

On top of their plagiarism checker, Whitesmoke also offers a grammar checker, punctuation checker, style checker, and more. 

Let’s take a look at the features of WhiteSmoke:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Spell checker
  • Translator 
  • Style checker
  • Punctuation checker

Here are the pricing plans of Whitesmoke: 

Copyscape AlternativesPin

The pricing starts at an affordable cost of just $5/month for the web version of their tool. You can get the Premium or the Business plans at $6.66/month and $11.5/month respectively. 

Each plan comes with 500 monthly credits for plagiarism checking. You can also purchase additional credits. Or get a discount on ProWritingAid.

Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker - LogoPin

Why Choose Whitesmoke Over Copyscape?
Whitesmoke is a great affordable option for users who want a simple plagiarism checker tool without burning a hole in their pockets. 

At just $5/month, Whitesmoke is definitely worth a try. 

  • It’s very clean and simple
  • Comes with a web and desktop applications
  • The plagiarism checker is very accurate
  • Comes with a 1-click instant proofreading
  • The pricing is very affordable
  • The 500 credits for plagiarism checker are universal for all plans 

Starts at: $5/month

5. Plagiarisma

The last tool on our list is Plagiarisma which is a free plagiarism checker tool that lets you paste your content and check for plagiarism instantly. 

The tool lets you check for plagiarism on Google or Bing. You can either paste your text, upload a file, or enter a URL for checking plagiarism. 

Copyscape AlternativesPin

The best part about all this is that it doesn’t require you to create an account or log in. You can just add your content and check for plagiarism on the go. 

Here are the key features of Plagiarisma:

  • No login or signup required
  • Completely free
  • 190+ languages support
  • Plagiarism score
Plagiarisma - LogoPin

Why Choose Plagiarisma Over Copyscape?
The answer is simple: If you don’t want to pay money for a plagiarism checker, then Plagiarisma is your best option out there. 

It’s completely free and easy to use. 

  • No signup or login is required 
  • The plagiarism detector is fast
  • 190+ languages supported 
  • Can check plagiarism through URL or a file upload
  • Reports may not be fully accurate 

Starts at: $5/month

Copyscape Alternatives FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Copyscape: 

Q. What is the best Copyscape alternative? 

QueText and Grammarly are the best two alternatives to Copyscape as they have all the features you’d need for detecting plagiarism accurately. 

Q. What is Copyscape pricing? 

Copyscape costs 3c per search (up to 200 words) plus 1c per extra 100 words.

Q. What is the best free Copyscape alternative? 

The free version of QueText is the best free alternative to Copyscape. 

Final Verdict

So, that’s all for our list of the best Copyscape alternatives. The alternatives mentioned above can help you easily replace Copyscape. 

Hopefully, this list will help you choose the right tool according to your needs. But if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.