10 Best Blog Promotion Sites & How To Use Them Effectively

Promoting your blog is one of the most challenging parts of blogging. With so much content being published every single day, it is getting increasingly difficult to break out of that noise and drive traffic to your blog. 

No matter how good or bad your content is, you won’t be able to drive traffic to it unless you promote it well. 

Many new bloggers struggle with this a lot as they don’t know how and where to promote their blog. 

But you don’t have to worry anymore. Because in this guide, I’ll be sharing some of the best blog promotion sites where you can promote your blog and drive traffic. 

But that’s not it. I’ll also be sharing how you can utilize these blog promotion sites properly and promote your content in an effective manner. 

That being said, let’s get started. 

Best Blog Promotion Sites & How To Use Them Effectively

Here are some of the best blog promotion sites out there. If you promote your content on these websites properly, you’ll be able to drive a lot of traffic from them. 

1. Facebook

It’s obvious that the first and the best blog promotion site will be one of the biggest social media platforms on the Internet. 

While Facebook has become too noisy with a lot of content being posted every single minute, it’s still a valuable place to share your content. That’s because you can easily find your target audience hanging out on Facebook. 

On Facebook, you can either promote your blog for free or go the route of paid advertising. Both the methods have their pros and cons and both of them can drive good results. 

But I would recommend you start promoting for free first by utilizing Facebook Groups. Over 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups. 

This presents a huge opportunity as you can tap into this huge wealth of people using Facebook Groups. 

The best way to get started is to find Facebook groups in your niche and start participating in them. Provide as much value as you can to help the members out there. 

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If the group allows promotion, you can promote your content as well but don’t overdo it as it’ll likely be seen as spam. Always read the rules of the group before promoting in the group. 

On top of this, you can also create your own Facebook group for your blog and grow it. This is a much longer and difficult process which is it’s best to participate in other groups while you slowly build your group. 

As you slowly build your name in various groups, you can slowly start funneling those users into your group where you’ll be able to promote your content without any rules. 

Besides groups, you can take advantage of Facebook Ads to promote your blog content. But keep in mind that running ads are not that easy. 

You’ll have to properly understand how to target the right audience, set the proper ad budget, understand marketing funnels, and so on. 

You can refer to this awesome video on Facebook ads to get a clear understanding of how it works. 

Either of the two methods works great in promoting your blog on Facebook. 

As a constellation, you can also create your own page and promote your content there but recently Facebook page reach has gone down a lot which makes spending time on Facebook pages ineffective. 

2. Twitter

Twitter, in my opinion, is the noisiest social media platform ever where everyone has something to say. 

But that doesn’t matter if you want to promote your content there. The real challenge with Twitter is that you’ll have to break through all the noise and reach people who will actually visit your blog and read your content. 

The best way to promote on Twitter is to first grow a huge following. Because without that, your tweets won’t reach a lot of people even if you use hashtags. 

So, first, find people in your niche and start following them. Follow some influencers and interact with their content. 

This way, you’ll not only come on the radar of influencers who will see you and your content but also to their followers who interact with your content. 

Besides that, you can also use auto-follow and unfollow tools to automatically follow a lot of users. This allows you to automate a tedious process and save time. 

One such tool is Phantombuster which lets you auto-follow, auto-like, auto-post and do a lot more. Just a heads up that you should not use these tools extensively as they can risk your account being shadow-banned. 

Phantombuster - TwitterPin

Posting content on Twitter is also very important regardless of who you follow and interact with. To grow your account organically, you should be tweeting atleast 10-15 times daily. For that, you can use a tool like Buffer to schedule your tweets and create content in bulk. 

3. Instagram 

Instagram has been growing like crazy these recent years and with the introduction of reels, the growth has skyrocketed even more!

This makes it the best blog promotion site as you can utilize it in so many different ways. 

For starters, you can build your blog’s brand account on Instagram and start creating valuable content such as carousel posts. 

This can help you gain momentum and slowly grow your blog’s presence on Instagram. To speed up your growth, you should also focus on creating stories and reels. 

By creating video content, you can easily break through the noise in your niche and drive traffic from Instagram. That’s because 9 out of 10 users watch Instagram videos weekly and 500 million accounts use Instagram stories daily. 

You can turn your blog posts into stories and reels and share them on Instagram. This way, you’ll be providing value to your audience on Instagram and can drive traffic from there. 

Again, you can take advantage of social scheduling tools like Buffer to automate scheduling & posting content on Instagram. 

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently reached 690+ million members which makes it another great website for promoting your blog. 

Over 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing purposes as it’s considered 3 times more trustworthy than other social media platforms. 

And if you’re wondering whether you can drive good traffic from LinkedIn, then check this out: 

More than 50% of social traffic on B2B websites & blogs comes from LinkedIn. That says a lot about the power of LinkedIn and how it can help grow your blog. 

Content Marketing Mix - Social Media PlatformsPin

To promote your blog on LinkedIn, you’ll have to focus on long-form content and stories that resonate with your audience. 

Just browse through LinkedIn for 5 minutes and you’ll clearly understand what kind of posts get the most engagement. 

Publish content that not only resonates with your audience but also has the potential to get attention from other users as well. 

This can help you reach more people and grow your profile. 

4. YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is a surefire way to skyrocket your blog growth and also grow your brand name. 

But it’s easier said than done. Running a YouTube account requires a lot of effort, time, and resources. 

So, how do you build a successful YouTube channel while running a blog? 

Well, you don’t. Here’s what I mean: 

Instead of focusing too much on growing your channel, just start publishing videos on your channel. 

A good idea is to turn the topics you’ve written on your blog into videos and then embed those videos in your articles. 

This can help you boost the authority of your content and help you rank faster. This case study by Shaun Poore shows that embedding YouTube videos in your blog posts can help you rank better on Google. 

So, even if you don’t focus much on growing your YouTube channel in the beginning, you can just start turning your blog posts into videos and embedding them in your content. 

As your blog content gets traffic, so will your videos which as a result will help you grow your channel as well. 

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms and an underrated goldmine for driving traffic to your blog. 

With Pinterest, you can double or triple your blog traffic in a matter of months! Don’t believe me? Check this out: 

Leanne Wong - Pinterest ImpressionsPin

Leanne Wong was able to triple her blog traffic using Pinterest. Her pins generated over 380k impressions in just a month. 

And this is the traffic she generated from her pins: 

Leanne Wong - Pinterest AnalyticsPin

This is the power of Pinterest if you consistently post content on the platform. 

To leverage Pinterest, you’ll have to consistently publish pins targeting your audience. You can create pins promoting your blog posts like this: 

Elite Content Marketer - Pinterest PinsPin

And also create checklists and mini-infographics providing value to users: 

Elite Content Marketer - Pinterest InfographicPin

Post pins on your boards and also join other group boards where you can find a huge audience to provide value to. 

Lastly, you can use a tool like Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins like this:

Leanne Wong - TailwindPin

6. Medium

If you love writing (which I hope you do as you’re a blogger), then you can use Medium to promote your blog. 

Medium is a content platform where writers and authors publish content. If you have free time to write content, you can start publishing content on Medium and using it to promote your blog. 

A good way to get started with Medium is to republish your blog post into short articles. Since Medium already has an audience of 54 million users, your content has a chance of getting seen by users there. 

But if you want more exposure, you can publish to Medium Publications that have a lot of followers. 

7. Quuu Promote

Quu Promote is a blog promotion site where you can promote your blog content for a subscription fee. 

With this platform, you can promote 10 blog posts monthly for $75/month. They also have higher plans where you can promote more blog posts. 

Quu Promote - PricingPin

Since it’s an automated content promotion platform, you won’t have to do much work promoting your content. 

You just have to choose the blog posts you want to promote and choose the social platforms where you want to get the content promoted. 

Based on various case studies, Quu Promote seems to be a good platform to promote your content. 

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8. TikTok 

The next platform on our list is TikTok and it’s currently the most visited site in the world (More than Google!). 

With over 1 billion monthly active users, there should be no question about whether to promote your blog on this platform or not. 

Just like Instagram reels, you can create valuable videos on TikTok to reach your audience and drive traffic to your blog. 

The best way to reach more people on TikTok is to use hashtags, collaborate with others users, and participate in trends popular on the platform. 

This will help you get more eyeballs on your content which in turn can result in driving traffic to your blog. 

9. Forums

Joining and participating in forums in your industry is another great way to reach your target audience and connect with them. 

Besides Facebook groups where your audience hangs out, there are also many third-party platforms and forums where you can find your target audience. 

For starters, you can look for Slack Communities and Discord Servers to find communities in your niche and industry. 

Besides that, you can also Google for the following keywords to find forums in your niche: 

“your keyword” + forum

“Powered by Phbb” + your keyword

“Powered by vBulletin” + your keyword

“Powered by SMF” + your keyword

“powered by IPB” + your keyword

“powered by PunBB” + your keyword

By using the “powered by..” keywords, you can find forum engines. Using these searches can help you find good and active forums easily. 

10. Triberr

The last blog promotion site on our list is Triberr which is a content promotion platform that lets you get more reach and traffic to your content. 

Triberr has a lot of tribes (communities) with different niches and interests. In Triberr, you simply share your blog post and select the tribe to which you want to promote your content. 

It works similar to a Facebook group where you join different tribes and interact with them and their content. 

Then, you just promote your content on these tribes to get more traffic. David Schneider managed to drive over 20 million reach to his content on Triberr. 

Wrapping It Up 

So, these are the best blog promotion sites where you can share your blog content and drive more traffic to your website. 

Just remember that you don’t have to focus on all these websites. Instead, focus on just 2-3 sites where you can give your time and effort effectively. 

With only 2-3 of these blog promotion sites, you can drive good results and grow your blog traffic easily