Digital Minimalism Infographic: Declutter Your Digital Life

An average internet user spends around 6 hours a day using internet-powered devices. That’s a lot of time spent on the internet.

With access to the internet in our pockets, we seem to spend too much time browsing the internet, spending time on social media, and playing games for entertainment.

This could lead to addiction that would eventually make us unproductive. To prevent this from happening, you can adopt a minimalist lifestyle on your digital consumption.

The concept of minimalism has been around for decades and it mainly revolves around having less to do more.

The same concept can be applied to our digital world where we spend a lot of time. Digital Minimalism will not only help you control the time you spend on digital devices but also improve your productivity to get more things done.

There are several ways you can apply the concepts of digital minimalism to your daily digital activities such as spending time on social media and browsing the internet.

My Take On Digital Minimalism

After reading tons of articles on Digital Minimalism, I found that most of them tell you to delete most of the digital aspects of your life.

Sure, this is a good way to live a noise-free life but that’s not how you should live your life. As a blogger who lives off the internet, I can’t just give up all the digital aspects of my life.

I can’t delete all my social media accounts because that’s where my audience hangs out.

A doctor doesn’t kill the patient with the disease and says “Problem Solved”. He treats the disease.

Just like that, my take on digital minimalism is a bit more focused on reducing digital consumption instead of totally eliminating it.

And, to share with you my take on digital minimalism, I have an infographic that will help you declutter your digital life and clear away digital noise.

The tips mentioned in the infographic will help you become more aware of the technology at your hands and how to make the most out of it.

So, let’s get started.

How To Declutter Your Digital Life


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Controlling your digital life is very important and can benefit you in many ways. Most importantly, it frees up the most valuable asset you have: Time.

The above infographic will help you reduce your digital consumption and focus on more important aspects of life.