Is Blogging A Good Career In India?

Blogging is getting more and more popular in India over the years and it has opened the doors of success for many people in the country. I’m one such person who got into blogging back in 2014 and has never stopped since. But there is one question that I get asked often: “Is blogging a good career in India?”. 

Yes, blogging is a good career in India but it involves a lot of risks which makes it very hard to succeed as a blogger. There are many factors that influence whether you’ll succeed as a blogger or not. 

I’ve seen more bloggers fail than succeed. And those who do succeed work hard for a long time until they start getting results. It took me at least 2 years to somewhat make my blog successful and it might take you that long too. 

Problems & Struggles You’ll Face As A Blogger In India 

Blogging without a doubt requires a lot of hard work and you’ll struggle a lot in the beginning. But besides blogging struggles such as bringing traffic to your website or promoting your blog, there are some other problems you’ll face as a blogger in India. 

Family & Societal Pressure

Although popular, blogging isn’t very common in India which makes it a difficult profession to pursue. 

There will be family and societal pressure on you as blogging isn’t quite accepted as a viable profession yet. In many cases, families even force their kids to do something else other than blogging because they either don’t understand it or think it’s not a long-term career. Indian society revolves around security when it comes to working. This why kids from the beginning are encouraged to pursue engineering or get a government job because it seems like a true and tested way to success. 

This pressure can affect your work and mindset as a blogger. If you’re already blogging, you should try to block all this pressure and keep your mind focused on your work. 

Financial Instability

If you’re getting into blogging because you saw a video of someone showing they make thousands of dollars from blogging, then don’t get into it. 

Yes, there are many bloggers who make thousands and even millions from blogging. But money shouldn’t be your first and only reason to start a blog. 

In your first year or two of blogging, you might not even get a taste of success. Remember that blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick money scheme. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it by now. 

And the bloggers making 5-6 figures from their blogs went through years of struggles and ups and downs to reach that point. 

So, if you want to start a blog, ask yourself if you’re ready to live through the struggles. If you’re a student in school or college, you won’t have to worry about this much for a while as you can dedicate this time to start and grow your blog and focus on the money later on. 

But if you’re someone fresh out of college without a job and want to choose blogging as a career, make sure you are financially stable even without blogging. 

Lack Of Knowledge 

A big mistake when getting into blogging is the lack of knowledge. Blogging isn’t something like reading what’s on the Internet and writing a similar version of it on your blog. 

As a blogger, you need to have proper knowledge about what you’re writing. That’s why I write only about blogging, SEO, and design. Knowledge about what you do is very important in any profession, especially blogging. 

If you ask me to start a blog about cars, I’ll fail tremendously. And so will you if you have no proper knowledge about it. 

Again, the reason why many bloggers struggle with this is that all they see is money and get into blogging blindly. NEVER do that. 

If you really want to start a career in blogging, start a blog on topics you’re passionate about. Look at your hobbies and interests and see if you can write about them. 

But what to do if you want to start a blog about something you have no knowledge about it? 

Well, start learning. I didn’t know anything about designing until I started learning it. When I had enough skills and knowledge, I felt that it’s the right time to blog about it. 

You should do the same and gain knowledge first so that your content is good enough for your readers. 

Time Management 

One of the biggest problems many young bloggers face is time management. As a student, it’s difficult to manage your studies and find time to work on your blog. 

I faced this struggle a lot when I started blogging because I was in 10th grade and those are some important years of school academically. 

School or college pressure can be a burden to blogging and can affect either of them. While you should find time for blogging, you should never ignore your studies as well. 

Even if you have decided that blogging is what you want to do, never overlook your school or college work. But don’t add unnecessary pressure on yourself because of this. 

The reason I say this is if your grades are affected because of blogging, the family pressure will creep in and you might be forced to quit blogging. 

I’ve seen this happen to a lot of my friends and bloggers. And I’m telling you, you don’t want your dreams and aspirations taken away from you.

Lack Of Patience & Passion

If you lack patience and passion, you’re never going to make it as a successful blogger. These two are very crucial in your blogging career. 

Growing a blog to a point that makes money for you can take a long time. And for this to happen, you need to have patience. 

Many people give up because they don’t have the patience to run their blogs. They say things like “I’ve been working on my blog for 8 months now and it still isn’t making money”. 

With this mindset, you’ll never be able to make money or become a successful blogger. 

Lack of passion is another serious problem you will face as a blogger. You might look at the success stories of bloggers and feel motivated to start your own blog. 

You ride on that motivation for a while but it dwindles down and you end up losing all the passion you had. 

This is very common and probably every blogger goes through this (I have too). The only solution is to keep reminding yourself why you’re blogging. 

Think about your goals and adjust your mindset in a way that you never lose focus or passion. 

What Are The Skills Required To Succeed As A Blogger? 

Now that you know the struggles you’ll go through as a blogger, it’s also important to understand the skills required to succeed as a blogger. 

Basic Technical Skills

Basic technical skills and knowledge go a long way in blogging. Things like setting up a blog, installing a theme, editing your website, etc are some basic skills that are important to have as a blogger. 

These skills don’t require you to have any coding or programming knowledge at all. The best part is that you can learn these technical skills quite easily by reading tutorials or watching videos on YouTube. 

Writing Skills 

You don’t have to be a master of language to succeed as a blogger. But you do need some basic writing skills. It’s important to write proper sentences, avoid grammar mistakes, and format your content properly. 

It’s not rocket science and you don’t have to be perfect at it. Your writing skills will improve you as write more. 

Marketing & SEO 

It’s important to have knowledge about marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a blogger. 

Without any marketing knowledge, you won’t know how to promote your blog. SEO is also important because it will help you rank your website on search engines like Google. 

Again, marketing and SEO are very easy to learn. You can find marketing and SEO content on this blog or watch some videos on YouTube. 

Q. How much money do Indian bloggers make? 

On average, a good Indian blogger can make $500-$2000 / month from their blog. 

Q. Should I start a blog as a student? 

Yes, you can definitely start a blog as a student if you have the skills, passion, and time to work on your blog. 

Q. How do I start a blog in India? 

You can start a blog in India very easily by following this guide


I hope this article answers the question “Is blogging a good career in India?”. Blogging is definitely getting more popular in India but it’s still risky and full of challenges. 

But if you’re up for these challenges, then you should definitely go for it. Patience, passion, and hard work are the three most important factors that you’ll have to keep in mind to succeed as a blogger.