Is Blogging Dead? Here’s The Real Answer

Today, I’m going to address one of the most discussed topics of blogging and give you a better explanation backed by data and case studies. 

In case you didn’t guess it already, one of the most common questions when it comes to blogging is “is blogging dead?” 

Blogging isn’t dead and will not be for many years to come. But, the blogging landscape has definitely changed with increased competition and changes in how people consume content. 

If this answer made you feel any better and reignited your desire to start a blog or continue blogging, I have some interesting data and statistics that will cement the fact that blogging isn’t dead. 

Is Blogging Dead? Let’s Look At The Data

Whenever you see people saying “blogging is dead”, most of them will show you this graph proving that blogging isn’t as popular as it was before. 

Blogging Term TrendPin

But this graph doesn’t tell the full story. Yes, the popularity of blogging has dwindled down in size over the years. This is mostly due to the rise of social media which introduced different mediums of content consumption. 

However, the number of blogs on the Internet is still growing. According to the Hosting Tribunal, out of the 1.6 billion websites out there, 600 million of them are blogs. 

That’s a huge number of blogs! 

But can this number alone prove that blogging isn’t dead? Not really. 

We’ll have to dig deeper and understand why do people say “blogging is dead” in the first place. 

The first statistic that caught my eye is from a study conducted by Ahrefs where they found that “90.63% percent of pages get ZERO traffic from Google.” 

Ahrefs Study - Search TrafficPin

This also reveals how many useless (or junk) pages are on the Internet. With so much competition, it has become very difficult to get a chance to shine in the sun and get traffic from search engines. 

And since traffic numbers have reduced significantly over the years, so has the income of bloggers. 

A survey conducted in 2012 by revealed that “81% of bloggers never made even $100 from blogging”. 

That was almost a decade! Today, this number would be even higher! 

In conclusion, the traffic and income generated by the majority of the bloggers have decreased quite a lot. This is why many bloggers claim that blogging is dead. 

But that’s far from the truth. Let’s take a look at the other side of the story. 

Here’s the story of Matt, who started his food blog back in 2019. It took Matt less than 2 years to consistently generate $2000 from his blog. 

InTheKitchenWithMatt - First Year Income ReportPin

Another story is of Kristin of Believe In A Budget who made over $840,000 from her blog in the year 2020. In her first year of blogging which was 2015, she generated around $13,000. 

And these aren’t even exceptional cases. Here’s another one: 

Vitoria made a little over $1800 in her first 8 months of blogging with her blog Blog Ambitious. 

I could keep going but I think I got my point across. Blogging isn’t dead but it has changed tremendously. 

You can still start a blog today and make money. It could either take a few months for you to make your first $1000 or it could take more than a year. 

All of that depends on your approach towards blogging and understanding how blogging is changing.

How Is The Blogging Landscape Changing & What Can You Do To Stay Ahead Of The Curve? 

The evolution of blogging is something every blogger should be aware of. If you’re a blogger or want to become a blogger, here are some changes happening in the blogging landscape that you should know about. 

Search Engines Are Becoming Smarter 

Google and other search engines are now becoming smarter with how they answer a search query. You’ll find that search engines are answering queries directly on the search results page as a featured snippet. 

For example, if you search for “average life of a turtle”, Google will answer the query right away without you having to click on the page. 

Google Search - Average Life Of A TurtlePin

And this isn’t just happening for simple search queries. For example, the query “benefits of coconut oil” also shows a featured snippet. 

Google Search - Benefits of Coconut WaterPin

This trend is increasing very fast and in the coming years, even complex questions or queries will be displayed as a featured snippet on the search results. 

As a blogger, it is essential for you to write and optimize your content in a way that it wins the featured snippet for the search query. 

Expertise & Authority Are More Important Than Ever

I remember back in 2013-14 when bloggers used to start multi-niche blogs that would cover topics from technology to health and rake in huge traffic. That is almost inexistent now except for some big established sites. 

Today, content that displays expertise, authority, and trustworthiness ranks better than others. This is why blogs that cover so many wide-ranging topics aren’t popular anymore. They are being outranked by single-niche blogs that display authority and relevance to that topic or industry. 

This is already evident in the health industry where only a couple of established and trusted blogs dominate the market. 

If you’re starting a blog today, it’s crucial that you have good knowledge about the topics you’re going to write and your content needs to display that expertise. Writing about so many topics isn’t going to benefit you anymore as it won’t showcase your expertise in one single topic. 

Rise Of Social Media Consumption 

With the rise of social media, a lot of content consumption has shifted from blogs to different platforms. This has also changed the type of content consumed on blogs. 

For example, YouTube has now become the go-to platform for people sharing or documenting their personal lives. This, as a result, has declined the popularity of personal or journal blogs. 

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become popular among people who like to write short stories, poems, and fictional stories. Now, you won’t find a lot of bloggers thriving by writing short stories and poems on their blogs. 

The point is that with social media in our lives, the context of content has changed. And as a blogger, it’s necessary for you to understand what type of content will work on a blog. 

Regardless, your blog could benefit a lot from having a presence on social media. By intervening the two together, you can build and grow an audience much faster. 

Blogging Has Become A Gateway For A Building Bigger Business 

Many successful bloggers have now turned their blogs into a much larger business. A great example is Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome who started as a blogger but now has turned his blog into a business. 

SmartPassiveIncome - HomepagePin

He now runs a podcast, has a YouTube channel, conducts workshops, has written his own books, and even created his own software product. 

And this isn’t an isolated example. Many bloggers who become successful venture out and diversify their business. 

This way, they don’t have to rely on their blog alone to generate income. Plus, it helps them establish themselves as experts or influencers in the industry. 

You can do this too by diversifying your income streams. Instead of just relying on ads and affiliate marketing, start creating info products (such as an ebook or a course) or offer services that would help you grow faster. 

Once you’re big enough, you can diversify your business and create a YouTube channel or a podcast, or even sell your own products. 

Q. How long does it take to drive traffic to a blog? 

In general, it will take you 8-9 months to generate a consistent stream of traffic to your blog. 

Q. How fast can you make money from a blog? 

On average, once your blog is 6-7 months old, you’ll start generating some income. But it will take around 8-12 months to make a consistent stream of income from your blog. 

Q. Is blogging easy? 

Blogging is definitely not easy. You’ll have to put in a lot of work and effort into creating and growing your blog. But if your blog is about something you’re passionate about, you will love and enjoy your blogging journey. 


Blogging is far from dead but it’s changing so rapidly that many new bloggers fail to keep up. I have been a blogger for almost 8 years now and I never felt that I should quit blogging because it isn’t worth it. 

If you keep up with the trends and try to take advantage of every opportunity, your blogging journey will become much easier and more fun. 

So, next time anyone says “blogging is dead” or “do people still read blogs”, just share this article with them so they have the answer as well.