Kadence Blocks Review: Is It Really Worth Your Money?

Ease Of Use

The plugin is very easy to use.


It comes with 15 blocks that are perfect.


Each block is highly customizable.


It comes with both a free and paid plan.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to design your website using Gutenberg, then Kadence Blocks is the best block plugin for the job. It has all the necessary blocks and features you’d need to build a good-looking website on Gutenberg.

When Gutenberg first came out in the year 2018, I was a huge skeptic of the new WordPress editor. And rightfully so because back then, Gutenberg wasn’t as good as it is now. 

As Gutenberg evolved over time, so did my view of this editor and I started to embrace it. And one of the big reasons that helped me embrace Gutenberg was the various block editor plugins that came out in the market. 

One such plugin is Kadence Blocks and in this article, I’ll share my Kadence Blocks review and my experience of using it on various websites and blogs. 

If you’re wondering whether Kadence Blocks is worth your money, this review will shed some light on its features, benefits, pricing, and more to help you make an informed decision. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is Kadence Blocks & How Does It Work?

Kadence Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin for WordPress that comes with various blocks that can help you build layouts and pages on your website. 

With Kadence Blocks, you can build flexible and beautiful pages using the Gutenberg editor. This is possible because of their row block that lets you build any layout you want. 

While many Gutenberg block plugins offer content blocks to help you create beautiful content, Kadence takes a different approach and focuses on helping its users build beautiful pages. 

The different blocks available in Kadence blocks can help you design your entire website using it and ditch page builders completely. 

If you don’t believe that’s possible, let me tell you that this website is built completely using Gutenberg with the help of the Kadence Blocks plugin. 

Kadence Blocks Features

Now that you’re aware of Kadence Blocks and its capabilities, let me share some of its best features. This will help you understand what sets Kadence Blocks apart from other Gutenberg block plugins.

Useful Collection of Gutenberg Blocks

Kadence Blocks comes with a total of 15 Gutenberg blocks that will help you build beautiful pages on your website. 

This includes some really powerful blocks such as the Row/Layout block that lets you build different layouts as containers. You can then insert different blocks inside these rows and containers. 

It also comes with a Posts block to help you display your latest blog posts. 

Besides these blocks, Kadence Blocks also include an Advanced Text block, Button block, Form block, Testimonial block, and more. 

Kadence Blocks Review - BlocksPin

These blocks are sufficient enough to build different pages on your website. 

Here is a complete list of the 15 blocks available in the Kadence Blocks plugin:

  • Row/Layout
  • Advanced Text
  • Advanced Buttons
  • Posts
  • Tabs
  • Info Box
  • Countdown
  • Advanced Gallery 
  • Accordion
  • Testimonials
  • Icon List
  • Spacer/Divider
  • Icon
  • Form
  • Table of Contents

With these blocks, you can build pretty clean and beautiful pages in the Gutenberg editor. 

Whether you want to create a blog or a simple business website, the blocks available in Kadence Blocks are fully capable of building such websites. 

Global Controls 

One of the important things while building a website is having global options and controls to manage colors, typography, and other settings. 

Kadence Block offers global styling options where you can set a global color palette for your website. 

Kadence Blocks Review - Global ColorsPin

On top of this, the plugin also lets you set default settings for each block. This means you can customize the default color, layout, typography, and other settings for each block. 

Kadence Blocks Review - Block DefaultsPin

Now, whenever you insert that block on your website, it’ll look exactly the way you want. This is a huge time-saving feature and can help you work more efficiently on your website. 

Personally, this is one of my favorite features of the plugin as it saves my time a lot. 

Advanced Customization 

Kadence Blocks offers advanced customization features to help you design exactly what you want. This includes a plethora of different settings and options such as typography controls, color controls, spacing controls, responsive controls, and more. 

The plugin also offers on-scroll animations, custom icons, dynamic content, custom fonts, and page-specific scripts. 

Here’s a complete list of the advanced customization options available in the Kadence Blocks plugin:

  • Responsive controls
  • Typography controls
  • SVG icons
  • Color & background colors
  • Spacing controls
  • On-scroll animations
  • Custom icons
  • Custom fonts
  • Page-specific scripts

With these customization options available, you can turn your basic designs into more advanced pages for your users. 

Lightweight & Optimized For Speed

One of the biggest reasons why many people including myself are switching from page builders is because of speed and performance concerns. 

Page builders can often slow down your website especially if you’re on a small shared web hosting. On top of that, these page builders also create an HTML mess in the backend with so much bloat. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Gutenberg and the Kadence Blocks plugin. Unlike page builders, Kadence Blocks only loads CSS and JavaScript when it’s needed on the page. 

After moving RankHox from Elementor to Gutenberg using Kadence Blocks, I experienced a tremendous improvement in performance. 

Here are the Google PageSpeed Insights stats for the website’s homepage: 

RankHox - PSI Desktop ReportPin

And here are the speed stats of the article page: 

RankHox Article - PSI Desktop ReportPin

With Kadence Blocks, you can rest assured that speed will never be a concern for your website.

Pre-Built Layouts & Designs

If you don’t like designing pages yourself, you’re in good hands as Kadence Blocks comes with pre-built layouts and designs. 

The design library of Kadence Blocks consists of various block layouts that you can import and use on your website. 

Kadence Blocks Review - Design LibraryPin

These layouts and designs can help you build pages much faster. You can view all the pre-built layouts offered by Kadence Blocks here

My Experience Using Kadence Blocks 

I’ve talked a lot about the different features offered by the Kadence Blocks plugin. But as is a tradition in all my product reviews, I like to talk about my personal experience using the product to help my readers make a better decision. 

So, here are some of my personal thoughts after using the Kadence Blocks plugin: 

The Block Offering Is Perfect

While many users may want a Gutenberg plugin that comes with lots of different blocks, I found the block offering in Kadence Blocks perfect given the context. 

Since Kadence Blocks is not an ordinary block plugin and is designed for mostly page-building purposes, I found the limited number of blocks to be good and less overwhelming. 

However, I still wish there was an option to disable blocks because there are a few blocks such as the Countdown block and the Accordion block that I don’t use. 

Responsive Editing Is Not Perfect

Responsive editing on Gutenberg is not perfect and I’ve talked about it in my previous articles as well. 

During mobile editing, some of the changes I made were not being reflected live as I was doing it. This kind of complicated the whole process of making the website look responsive. 

I’m not even sure if this issue is isolated to Kadence Blocks or the whole of Gutenberg but it is something that I wanted to point out to the readers. 

Posts Block Can Be Improved

I love the Posts block in Kadence Blocks but I still think it can be significantly improved. It currently lacks some basic customization options that prevent me from using it. 

For this reason, I’ve resorted to using the PostX plugin to display posts on my blog page. I know this is a very small issue but as a designer, it irks me sometimes. 

I wish they add more post layouts and customization options for this block later in the future.

Kadence Blocks Pricing

Let’s now talk about the pricing of the Kadence Blocks plugin. The plugin comes with both a free and a pro version. 

The free version is limited in its feature offerings and doesn’t include features such as custom icons, custom fonts, dynamic content, and more. 

The pro version comes with all the features of the plugin. Here is the pricing of Kadence Blocks Pro: 

Kadence Blocks ReviewPin

The pro version of Kadence Blocks costs $69 annually for unlimited websites and comes with one year of updates and support. 

The next plan is their Essential Bundle which costs $129 annually and includes the Kadence Theme and their Starter templates. 

If you wish to use the Kadence Blocks plugin along with the Kadence Theme, this plan is perfect for you. 

At last, is their Full Bundle plan which costs $199 annually and includes Kadence Cloud, their child theme builder, Kadence Shop Kit, Kadence AMP, and all other themes and plugins. 

If you just want to test Kadence Blocks, I recommend you go for the free plugin first and use it to decide if it’s worth your money.

But if you’ve already made your decision, then the Kadence Blocks Pro plan at $69/yr sounds like the perfect deal to me. 

Kadence Blocks Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Kadence Blocks plugin: 

What I Like About Kadence Blocks

  • The plugin is very easy to use.
  • You can almost replace page builders if you’re designing simple websites. 
  • The plugin is lightweight and delivers exceptional performance.
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of unnecessary blocks. 

What I Don’t Like About Kadence Blocks

  • The responsive controls of the plugin can be improved. 
  • The Posts block could have more customization options. 
  • There’s no option to enable/disable blocks. 

Kadence Blocks Alternatives & Competitors

I’ve talked about almost everything in this Kadence Blocks review. But before I end this, let’s take a quick glance over at some of the Kadence Blocks alternatives and competitors. 

1. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a great alternative to Kadence Blocks and is developed by the team behind the popular Astra theme. 

The plugin comes with a huge collection of blocks along with customization options to help you build beautiful content. 

It’s a great option if you want a plugin that comes with a lot of blocks. 

2. Ultimate Blocks

Next on my list of Kadence Blocks alternatives is Ultimate Blocks which is a Gutenberg block plugin more focused on bloggers. 

If you don’t want a plugin for building pages but for blog content, then Ultimate Blocks is a great option as it comes with 18 awesome content element blocks. 

3. Stackable Blocks

The last Kadence Blocks alternative is Stackable Blocks and it comes with over 30 blocks to help you build beautiful pages. 

Prior to Kadence Blocks, I’ve used Stackable Blocks and loved it. However, I encountered some bugs and issues during my use which made me switch to Kadence Blocks. 

Kadence Blocks FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Kadence Blocks plugin: 

Q. Is Kadence Blocks Free?

Yes, Kadence Blocks comes with a free version with limited features and options. To use all the features of the plugin, you’ll have to purchase the pro version of the plugin. 

Q. Does Kadence Blocks Really Improve Website Performance?

Kadence Blocks is very lightweight and only loads CSS & JS where needed. This results in an improved performance as the page doesn’t contain much bloat. 

Q. Is Kadence Blocks Better Than Page Builders Like Elementor or Divi? 

Kadence Block is not a full replacement for page builders like Elementor or Divi but it’s still good for designing simple and basic websites that don’t require the use of a full-fledged page builder. 

Q. Can I Use Kadence Blocks With Any Theme? 

Yes, you can use the Kadence Blocks plugin with any theme. 

Kadence Blocks Review

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  • Support
  • Pricing

Final Verdict

So, that’s all for my Kadence Blocks review. I hope this review helped you learn more about this Gutenberg block plugin and what it’s capable of. 

As someone who’s been using this plugin for over a year now, I can confidently recommend Kadence Blocks to anyone who wants to build their website using Gutenberg.
The blocks and features provided in this plugin can help you easily design websites on Gutenberg. 

Now, it’s your turn to give this plugin a test drive and decide whether it’s worth your money or not.

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