KWFinder Black Friday Deal 2022: Get 50% Off

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If you’re in search of the KWFinder Black Friday deal, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll share all the details about the KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. 

KWFinder is one of the most popular and affordable keyword research tools in the market. And this year, KWFinder is offering a 50% discount on all its plans. 

Let’s take a look at what KWFinder is offering with this deal and how to avail of this discount offer. 

KWFinder Black Friday Deal Overview

KWFinder Black Friday Deal Pricing

Let’s first take a look at the pricing of KWFinder during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal.

KWFinder Black Friday - PricingPinPin

As you can see from the pricing above, KWFinder is offering a 50% discount across all its plan. This discount is applicable to both annual and monthly payment plans. 

To understand how much money you’ll save with the KWFinder Black Friday deal, let’s take a look at this table: 

PlanOriginal PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceYou Save
Basic $588/yr50%$294/yr$294/yr

As you can see, you’ll be saving half your money if you purchase KWFinder during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 

This is a massive discount considering the different tools and features available in the Mangools package. 

How To Activate KWFinder Black Friday Deal

Ready to activate the KWFinder Black Friday deal? Well, here are the steps required to purchase KWFinder and avail of the 50% discount. 

Step 1. Visit the KWFinder website using this link. This will directly take you to the Mangools Black Friday deal page. 

Step 2. Select the pricing plan you want to choose and click on the Subscribe Now button. 

KWFinder Black Friday - PricingPinPin

Step 3. Now, you’ll have to create your account and enter your payment information to proceed with checkout. 

Mangools - Create AccountPin

Step 4. Proceed with the payment and your discount will be automatically applied during checkout. 

That’s all you have to do to activate the KWFinder Black Friday deal.

KWFinder Features

I’ve been a KWFinder user probably since its inception. As someone who has used the product for years, I wanted to share my experience and its best features of it to help you make an informed decision. 

So, here are some of the best reasons to buy KWFinder: 

Good For Keyword Research 

I’ve used different keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, LongTailPro, and so on. 

Among so many tools I’ve tested and used, I’ve found KWFinder to be very good for keyword research. 

The keyword data such as search volume and keyword difficulty scores are pretty accurate. This is surprising because even big popular tools like Ahrefs don’t provide such accurate keyword difficulty scores. 

KWFinder - Keyword ResearchPin

Apart from accurate metrics, you also get the last 48-month data of the keyword which is very helpful in analyzing the keyword and its performance. 

Lastly, KWFinder also offers auto-suggested and question keywords which prove to be very useful during keyword research. 

All in all, you can use KWFinder to do competitive keyword research comfortably without any second-guessing. 

Conduct SERP Analysis

A part of the Mangools subscription includes their SERP Analysis tool which I find very helpful in conducting SEO analysis. 

Mangools - SERPCheckerPin

You can use this to analyze your own website or your competitors. The SERP analysis results are very detailed and can help you identify rich snippets. 

It also shows you advanced SEO metrics to help you conduct competitor analysis. 

Check For Backlinks

Mangools also comes with a backlink checker to help you check and analyze your backlinks. Moreover, you can also use this tool to spy on your competition and its backlinks. 

The tool allows you to save your links to a list which is helpful for organizing your link building efforts and campaigns.

Track Your Keyword Rankings

With KWFinder, you also get a rank tracker and track your keyword rankings easily. The rank tracker updates keyword positions daily to help you keep track of your rankings daily. 

Mangools - SERPCheckerPin

You can track the rankings on any location or device as well. Lastly, you can also get interactive reports to get a full birds-eye view of your rankings. 

Besides this, KWFinder also comes with a lot more features that can help you manage your SEO from one single tool. 

Here’s a list of features available in KWFinder: 

  • Keyword analysis
  • Local keyword research 
  • Search trends analysis
  • SERP analysis
  • Local search analysis
  • 45+ SEO metrics
  • Rank tracker
  • Interactive reports
  • Position change alerts
  • Backlink checker

KWFinder FAQ 

Here are some commonly asked questions about the KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. 

Q. Does KWFinder Offer A Free Trial? 

Yes, KWFinder offers a free 10-day trial with no credit card needed allowing you to test the tool. 

Q. Is KWFinder Data Accurate & Reliable?

Among many SEO tools, KWFinder data and metrics are found to be the most accurate. 

Q. What Are Some Alternatives To KWFinder? 

Here are some alternatives to KWFinder: 


KWFinder is undoubtedly a great keyword research tool. And when you pair it with the other tools offered by Mangools, it becomes one of the best all-in-one SEO tools packages. 

With the 50% discount on KWFinder during the Black Friday sale, it is one of the most attractive offers this year. 

If you’re someone who’s in search of reliable keyword research and SEO tool, KWFinder is definitely worth every penny.