Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2022: 30% Off On All Plans

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Starts from $52/yr

If you’re in search of the Link Whisper Black Friday deal, then you’ve come to the right place!

This year, Link Whisper is offering a 30% discount on all their plans during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. 

In this article, I’ll be covering all the information about the Link Whisper Black Friday deal including their pricing, reasons to choose Link Whisper, and some frequently asked questions that will help you make an informed decision before the purchase. 

So, let’s get started. 

Link Whisper Black Friday Deal Overview

  • Link Whisper Black Friday Deal: 30% off on all annual plans 
  • Deal Start Date: TBA
  • Deal End Date: TBA
  • Pricing: Starts from $52/yr
  • How To Purchase: Click on this link to get your discount
  • Status: Inactive

Link Whisper Black Friday Deal Pricing

Link Whisper is offering a 30% discount during their Black Friday sale this year. Before I get into how much money you’ll save by grabbing this deal, let’s take a look at their original pricing: 

Link Whisper - PricingPin

Usually, the pricing of Link Whisper starts at $77 annually for their single site plan. For the 3-site license and the 11-site license, the cost is $117/yr and $167/yr respectively. 

However, this Black Friday, all these three plans have a 30% discount. 

So, here’s the Link Whisper pricing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 

Link Whisper Black Friday PricingPinPin

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much money you’ll be saving during this deal: 

PlanOriginal PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceYou Save

As you can see from this pricing breakdown, you’ll be saving $25 annually on all three plans. 

That’s a decent discount and you can save a lot of money annually if you grab this deal. 

Now, let’s take a look at how to activate this awesome Black Friday deal.

How To Activate Link Whisper Black Friday Deal

If you’re ready to grab the Link Whisper Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal, then here are the steps you should follow to activate the deal and get your 30% discount. 

Step 1. Visit the Link Whisper site using this link. This page will take you to the Link Whisper website’s homepage. 

Link Whisper - HomepagePin

Step 2. Click on the ‘Get Link Whisper Now’ button. You’ll then be redirected to the pricing page.

Link Whisper Black Friday PricingPinPin

Step 3. Select the plan you want to purchase and click on the ‘Get Started’ button to proceed with the checkout. 

Step 4. Enter your payment details and click on the ‘Purchase’ button. You can either choose to pay using your Credit Card or PayPal. 

Link Whisper - CheckoutPin

Step 5. Once the purchase is successful, you can download the plugin and install it on your website. 

That’s all the steps needed to activate the Link Whisper Black Friday and get your 30% discount.


Link Whisper Features

If you have second thoughts about whether Link Whisper is worth purchasing this Black Friday, then here are some of its best features to help you make up your mind. 

Automatic Link Suggestions

If you’re struggling with internal linking, then Link Whisper is an absolute god-send as it provides automatic link suggestions for each blog post. 

Link Whisper - Automatic Link SuggestionsPin

In the post editor, Link Whisper will give you internal linking suggestions. You can simply check the links you want to insert and internal links are automatically added. 

As a Link Whisper user myself, this feature alone makes my life so easy. I no longer have to worry about adding internal links to my blog posts manually. 

Fast Internal Linking

Since link suggestions are automatic, the whole internal linking process becomes very fast. You don’t have to manually search for keywords and build internal links anymore. 

Keyword Based Automatic Internal links

Another great feature of this internal linking plugin is that you can set keywords and it’ll suggest internal links for those keywords.

Link Whisper - Custom KeywordsPin

You can set custom keywords for each blog post which makes internal linking much easier and fast. 

Detailed Reporting

The internal links report generated by Link Whisper is another great feature of the plugin. With this report, you can get a clear view of what pages have internal links and what don’t.

Link Whisper - Internal Link ReportPin

It also gives you additional link stats such as orphaned pages, broken links, 404 pages, and more. 

Moreover, you can get a deeper look at internal links for each page on your website and see how many internal and outbound links it has. 

Link Whisper - Detailed Links ReportPin

This way, you can quickly add internal links to orphaned pages. 

Broken Link Checker

You can say goodbye to any broken link checker plugin on your website as Link Whisper comes with a broken link checker. 

The plugin regularly checks for broken links or error pages on your website and identifies you instantly. 

This is a very useful feature and helps you get rid of any plugins you have installed just for this purpose. 

Link Whisper FAQ 

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have before purchasing the Link Whisper Black Friday deal: 

Q. Does Link Whisper Offer A Free Trial? 

No, but they do have a limited free version available. Also, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. 

Q. How Does Link Whisper Work? Is It Safe To Use?

Link Whisper finds relevant connections based on the content of your site and provides link suggestions. Yes, it’s fully safe to use. 

Q. What Are Some Alternatives To Link Whisper? 

There are many alternatives to Link Whisper but none of them come close to the accuracy of link suggestions like Link Whisper does. Here are some alternatives to the Link Whisper plugin: 


So, that’s all about the Link Whisper Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. If you ask me, Link Whisper is one of my favorite plugins installed on all my websites. 

Previous to using this plugin, I made little to no effort towards building internal links because it was tedious work. But Link Whisper has made it all easy and has actually helped me improve my Google rankings. 

If you’re struggling with internal linking, then you should definitely get Link Whisper during this Black Friday deal.