pCloud Black Friday 2022: 75% Off On 2TB Lifetime Plan

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75% off on 2TB

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$245 Lifetime

Looking for the pCloud Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal? You’ve come to the right place!

This Black Friday, pCloud is offering 75% off on their 2TB lifetime plan. 

In this article, I’ll get into more details about the pCloud Black Friday offer and how you can avail of this deal. 

Let’s get started. 

pCloud Black Friday Deal Overview

  • pCloud Black Friday Deal: 75% off 2TB lifetime plan 
  • Deal Start Date: TBA
  • Deal End Date: TBA
  • Pricing: $245 one-time purchase
  • How To Purchase: Click on this link to get your discount
  • Status: Inactive

pCloud Black Friday Deal Pricing

Here are the pricing plans of pCloud: 

pCloud - PricingPin

The image above is their usual pricing throughout the year. But this Black Friday, pCloud is offering their 2TB lifetime plan at a 75% discount. 

Besides that, they’re also offering a 75% discount on their 500GB plan. 

Here’s a breakdown of the pCloud Black Friday deal and how much money you’ll save by grabbing this offer: 

PlanOriginal PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceYou Save
500GB Lifetime$48075%$122.5$357.5
2TB Lifetime$98075%$245$735

That’s a huge discount! You’ll be saving a lot of money regardless of which plan you choose. 

When it comes to cloud storage providers, this is the best Black Friday deal I’ve come across from all other services. 

If you’re considering moving away from Dropbox, Google Drive, or just want to get a new cloud storage solution, this deal might be perfect for you. 

How To Activate pCloud Black Friday Deal

If you’re already convinced and want to activate the pCloud Black Friday offer and get your 75% discount, here are the steps you need to follow: 

Step 1: Visit the pCloud website using this link. It will take you straight to the pricing page where you will be able to view the discounted prices of their plans. 

pCloud Black Friday - PricingPin

Step 2: Choose your desired plan and proceed further. 

Step 3: You’ll then be asked to enter your information to register your account for checkout. You can either enter your information manually or simply log in using social media. 

pCloud Black Friday - CheckoutPin

Step 4: Proceed with the payment and you’ve successfully purchased pCloud with a 75% discount. 

The process is very fast and straightforward. You don’t have to enter any coupon code which makes the process easier to go through. 

pCloud Features

If you’re still not convinced whether pCloud is the right cloud storage solution for you, I’ve put together a few important features. 

This will help you understand what makes pCloud different and why you should choose it over other cloud storage providers. 

Unlimited File Size & Upload/Download Speeds

The first reason why pCloud is so good and loved is that they don’t limit the sizes of the files you upload.

And they also don’t limit the upload and download speeds. A lot of cloud storage providers limit the download/upload speeds and ask you to upgrade to their higher plans for full speed. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with pCloud. You can enjoy full speed and no file size limits. 

This allows you to upload all your large files easily without much fuss. 

Accessible On All Devices

A big advantage of pCloud is that you can access it on any device you want. You can access your files from your computer, Android, or iOS devices. 

pCloud - PlatformPin

So, your files are truly accessible whenever you need them. 

Can Share & Collaborate Files & Folders

pCloud is perfect for both business and family use as it allows you to share your files and folders. 

You can invite users to collaborate on your folders and also control the level of access they have. You can change the view, edit, and manage settings of each user you’ve invited. 

But if you don’t want to invite users, you can simply share your files by creating a shareable link that allows anyone with the link to download or view the files. 

pCloud Black Friday - File SharingPin

You can also password-protect these shareable links and even set an expiration date for them.

These useful features make pCloud ideal for both business and family use as files can be shared quite easily. 

Strong Encryption

Security is very important when it comes to cloud storage. With pCloud, you don’t have to worry about anything as it uses TLS/SSL encryption which ensures file security. 

On top of that, your files are stored on three different top secure server locations to ensure further security. 

pCloud also lets you password-protect your files and folders for stronger security. They also offer a crypto encryption addon that lets you encrypt your important files on the server. 

Lastly, they also offer client-side encryption which means only you will have the keys for file decryption. 

They use the industry-standard 4096-bit RSA for users’ private keys and 256-bit AES for per-file and per-folder keys for encryption. 

Advanced File Versioning & Management

pCloud makes it easy to deal with multiple file versions with its advanced file versioning system. 

You can preview your previous files or restore previous versions of the file. File version in pCloud is stored for up to 30 days. 

You also get extended file history allowing you to view, change, and recover all the file changes 

in your account for up to 365 days. 

You can back up all your files and data with a single click by enabling real-time backups in pCloud. 

Digital Asset Management

If you’re using pCloud for business purposes, you’re in for a treat!

That’s because pCloud offers excellent features for digital asset management. You can create a static HTML page where you can share your digital assets publicly.

You can add any type of file on this page for public access. 

 pCloud Black Friday - Digital Asset ManagementPin

In a way, you can create your own public portfolio in pCloud. You also get access to stats on how many people visited and clicked on assets you’ve shared publicly. 

Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or any creative person, you can create your own public portfolio with pCloud without worrying about hosting or storage. 

pCloud FAQ 

If you have any further questions about pCloud, I’ve answered them below: 

Q. Does pCloud Offer A Free Trial? 

pCloud offers a free 30-day subscription of their pCloud Business plan where you can give the platform a trial run and use their service. 

Q. Is pCloud Reliable? 

Yes, pCloud uses industry-standard encryption and has exceptional security to ensure your files are safe and secure. This makes them a very reliable cloud storage provider. 

Q. What Are Some Alternatives To pCloud? 

Here are some alternatives to pCloud you can consider: 


So, that’s all about the pCloud Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal. I hope this article covered everything you were looking for about this Black Friday deal. 

As someone who’s used many different cloud storage services, I can safely bet on pCloud being one of the best. 

Their service and platform are unparalleled and their pricing during Black Friday is just a cherry on top. You can’t get cloud storage this cheap anywhere else!

Plus, pCloud is a very reputable name in the cloud storage industry and is recommended and used by some of the top brands. 

So, there are no concerns about data security or encryption as they provide everything you’d need in a cloud storage platform. 

That being said, this is the best time to grab pCloud as you’re getting a huge 75% discount on their 2TB lifetime plan.