QueText Review: Is It A Reliable Plagiarism Checker?

Ease Of Use

The tool has a very clean interface & is very easy to use.


The plagiarism reports are very accurate and reliable in QueText.


It doesn’t store submitted data nor do they sell it to any third party.


It comes with both a free and paid plan. The paid plan is very affordable.

Final Verdict:

QueText is the best plagiarism checker tool I’ve ever used and it has everything you’d need to check for duplicate content. It’s easy to use, gives accurate reports, and is very affordable at just $9/month.

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I always keep my eye open for new tools and plugins that would help me create better content and generate more revenue for my websites. 

I’ve been using QueText for quite a long time now and I feel that it’s the right time I share my thoughts and feedback on it. 

In this QueText review, I’ll be sharing my experiences using it and how it performs along with its pros and cons. 

Ultimately, this review will help you know if QueText is worth investing your money in or not. 

That being said, let’s jump straight in. 

What Is QueText?

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QueText is a plagiarism checker and a citation assistant tool made to help you find identify plagiarism, build citations, and fix any issues in your content. 

It’s built with a combination of advanced technology such as DeepSearch technology & ColorGrade feedback to help you find plagiarism in your content quickly. 

With over 5 million students, teachers, and professionals using this tool, QueText claims to be the plagiarism detection tool in the market. 

We’ll find out if they stand up to this claim later in this QueText review. Before that, let’s take a look into the features of QueText and see what makes it different and better from other plagiarism checker tools out there. 

QueText Plagiarism Checker Features 

QueText has a lot of advanced features that make plagiarism detection easy and fast. Here are some key features of QueText. 

DeepSearch™ Technology

This technology is what separates QueText from its competitors as it makes plagiarism detection is so much better and more accurate. 

With DeepSearch™ technology, QueText not only detects plagiarism using word matching but also uses contextual analysis and word placement to be more accurate with its results. 

This means that it can also detect rewritten content created through content spinner tools. This is really helpful for users who hire writers and want to check for plagiarism in their content. 

As someone who hires content writers myself, I’ve used QueText plenty of times on articles created using content spinners and this tool has never disappointed me. 

So, if you’re outsourcing content, you can rest assured that QueText will detect any plagiarism or shenanigans your writers may be up to. 

ColorGrade™ Feedback

The ColorGrade™ feedback in QueText makes it easy to spot exact matches or fuzzy matches in your content. 

QueText highlights matched text with corresponding colors that make spotting plagiarism so easy. The red colors correspond to exact matches while the yellow colors correspond to near-exact or fuzzy matches. 

You can check on the highlighted text and QueText will show you where the plagiarized text originated from.

QueText - ColorGrade FeedbackPin

On top of that, it also shows a percentage score telling you how similar the plagiarized content is compared to the original one. 

This is one of the most time-saving and probably my favorite features in QueText. I’ve used many other plagiarism tools in the past and surprisingly, a lot of them don’t highlight the plagiarized text. 

With the ColorGrade™ technology, it makes it so easy to quickly spot matches and fix them. 

Originality Report

QueText displays an originality score at the top of every content you check with their plagiarism detector. 

This gives a good idea of how much a piece of content is plagiarized. I always check the content of my writers using QueText and having this score helps a lot in knowing the amount of plagiarism in their content. 

Besides that, the originality report includes all the matches found along with their citations. 

URL & Domain Exclusion

Want to check plagiarism for content that is already published? You can do that easily in QueText by taking advantage of their URL and domain exclusion features. 

With this feature, you can exclude certain URLs and sources so that you can detect plagiarism without checking the excluded sources. 

This has many use cases and the one that I use often is for checking plagiarism for my older content. I can easily exclude my websites and then check their content for plagiarism with this feature. 

Another use case is when you don’t want any other external source to show up while checking for plagiarism. 

Either way, having this feature can be really helpful and make plagiarism checking more convenient when needed. 

Citation Assistant

The citation assistant in QueText allows you to cite or quote sources in your content. This is another helpful feature that can be used when you find content that originated elsewhere and you want to mention or refer to their content. 

For bloggers and writers, the citation assistant can be massively useful as we often write content that originally was written by someone else. 

This feature makes it easy to quickly add citations and give credit to your sources. 

Export Reports

If you’re someone who likes to export your plagiarism test reports, then this feature is for you. QueText allows you to export your reports in a PDF document. 

This can be very useful if you’re working with teams and want to share the plagiarism report with your members. 

Maybe you’re a content editor and want to share the report with your writers for them to make changes. Or you’re a freelance writer and want to share the plagiarism report with your client. 

Whatever the case may be, QueText makes it very convenient to share reports by exporting them as PDF files. 

Multiple File Uploads

With this feature, you can check for plagiarism in bulk easily. QueText allows you to upload up to 5 documents at once and check them for plagiarism. 

You can upload PDF, MS Word, or plain text files for bulk plagiarism detection. 

While I haven’t used this feature personally, I can see it being useful. 

How To Use QueText For Plagiarism Detection? 

Now that you’re familiar with the features of QueText, let me walk you through the process of using QueText for plagiarism detection. 

This walkthrough will show you the process of how to use the tool and its simplicity. 

Once you’re logged in to the tool, you’ll see this page where you can add your content. 

QueText - Check For PlagiarismPin

You can either enter/paste your text or upload a file for checking. Once you’ve added your text, you’ll see a ‘Check Plagiarism’ button at the bottom. 

QueText - Add TextPin

Click on this button and QueText will begin analyzing the text to detect plagiarism. It usually takes a minute or two depending on how long your text is. 

QueText - Analyzing TextPin

Once QueText has finished with its detection, you’ll see the plagiarism report that looks like this. 

QueText - Plagiarism ReportPin

This is the plagiarism report for the article you’re reading and as you can see it detected 5% plagiarism. 

After checking the report, I found out that there are no exact word matches (yay!) and only near-word matches. 

On clicking the highlighted near-word matches, you can see that the matches are not relevant to the topic I’m writing about. 

Below the search tool, you can find all the previous reports you’ve done in the past. 

QueText - All ReportsPin

So, that’s how to use QueText for plagiarism detection. As you can see, the tool is very clean and simple to use. 

Checking for plagiarism is very simple and intuitive. I love the fact that I can just log in, add my text, and check for plagiarism with just a few clicks.

QueText Pricing & Plans

Let’s now take a look at QueText pricing and plans. Here’s a detailed overview of QueText pricing: 

QueText - PricingPin

The pricing of QueText is very simple and straightforward. They offer a free plan that lets you check 5 pages or 2500 words. 

The Pro plan costs $9.99 per month for a single user and lets you check 200 pages or 100,000 words. 

It also comes with some additional features that are not available in the free plan such as DeepSearch™, citation assistant, downloadable reports, URL exclusion, and interactive snippet text. 

When I first discovered QueText, I tried out the free plan first to see if it was worth the money. While I loved the tool instantly, I felt limited by the free plan. 

I immediately realized that the Pro plan is something I would need and is worth spending my money on. 

If you’re someone who is looking for a plagiarism checker tool to use regularly, I’d recommend you go for the Pro plan as it’s equipped with all the features of the tool and is very affordable. 

But if you’re someone who needs a plagiarism checker occasionally, then the free plan will work for you. 

And if you’re confused about whether you should put your money into this tool, don’t worry. This QueText review ain’t over yet!

QueText Pros & Cons

Here are my unbiased pros and cons of QueText that will help you know more about what’s good and what’s not in QueText. 

What I Like About QueText

  • It’s very simple and easy to use
  • Plagiarism detection is very accurate 
  • URL exclusion feature is very convenient when needed
  • Color graded reports make it easy to navigate through the report
  • Can access previous reports whenever needed
  • They don’t store any submitted content in their library 
  • Comes with a free plan 

What I Don’t Like About QueText

  • The free plan is very limited and doesn’t include the best features
  • No annual plans are available
  • It’s a browser-only tool with no desktop or mobile apps

Best QueText Alternatives & Competitors

So, QueText is a very good plagiarism checker tool. But how does it fare against the competition? 

To understand that, we’ll have to take a look at some QueText alternatives and competitors and see what they have to offer. 





Whitesmoke Plagiarism CheckerPin

Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker



Grammarly is a very popular grammar checker tool that lets you find and fix grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in your content. 

Besides that, it also comes with a plagiarism checker that detects plagiarism by checking over 16 billion web pages.  

Similar to QueText, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker also gives you a plagiarism score along with highlights of text that contain duplicate content. 

While Grammarly doesn’t have all the advanced features that QueText has for plagiarism detection, it still stands as a great alternative because it offers many other features on the writing front. 

It’s the ultimate tool for writers and bloggers who want to improve their content drastically.


ProWritingAid is another grammar and plagiarism checker tool that is used by authors, writers, bloggers, and many creative professionals. 

It comes with a spelling checker, style checker, comma corrector, and many other features to help you improve your writing. 

ProWritingAid is a good alternative to QueText if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that does both grammar checking and plagiarism detection. 

Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker

Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker is an affordable alternative to QueText and comes with a plagiarism and grammar checker. 

It also comes with a one-click proofreader to help you proofread your documents easily. Unlike QueText, Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker also offers desktop apps along with its browser app. 

You can get started with Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker at just $5/month. 

QueText FAQ

I have answered any other questions you might have about QueText and its features. 

Q. Is QueText Reliable & Safe To Use?

Yes, QueText is fully safe and reliable to use. They are fully committed to user privacy and don’t submit any content or documents you submit to them. 

Q. Is QueText Legit?  

Yes, QueText is a legit plagiarism checker tool that works perfectly for finding any duplicate content. 

Q. Will QueText Steal My Data? 

No, QueText doesn’t steal or sell your data to any third parties. You can read more about their privacy commitments on their privacy policy page

Q. How Accurate Is QueText? 

After using QueText for over a year now, I can confidently say that the plagiarism reports in QueText are pretty accurate. 

Q. Is QueText Free? 

Yes, QueText offers a free plan that lets you check 2500 words or 5 pages. For more words, you can get their pro plan that costs only $9/month.

QueText Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Privacy
  • Support
  • Pricing

Final Verdict

QueText is an amazing plagiarism checker tool that accurately detects duplicate content. It is also very easy to use and fast in general. It’s 100% reliable, respects your privacy, and is very affordable for the value it offers. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one plagiarism checker, then QueText is the best one out there.