SendFox Review: The Best Email Marketing Tool For Bloggers

Ease Of Use

The platform has a very clean interface which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to get started with email marketing.


SendFox isn’t bloated with a lot of features. It comes with features that would make it easy for content creators to send emails to their audience.


The support team is quite responsive and they have a comprehensive knowledge base with video tutorials perfect for beginners.


SendFox has one of the most affordable pricing of any email marketing tool out there. This makes it perfect for small bloggers and creators.

Final Verdict:

SendFox is the perfect email marketing tool for beginners who want to get started with email marketing. It’s ideal for bloggers who simply want to send email campaigns without any advanced features that are irrelevant for bloggers.

In my search to find an affordable yet advanced email marketing tool,  I stumbled upon SendFox. Based on my research of cheap and affordable email marketing tools, I wasn’t expecting much from this one. 

But boy was I surprised. 

SendFox blew my expectations and made me move my entire email list to this magnificent tool. Today, I use SendFox for all my websites and it never disappointed me. 

In this SendFox review, I’ll be talking about this email marketing tool in detail and why it might be the perfect tool for bloggers and content creators. 

Let’s get started. 

What Is SendFox? 

SendFox is an email marketing tool developed by the Sumo Group family that houses tools like AppSumo and KingSumo. 

The tool is specifically designed for bloggers, YouTubers, and other content creators. With simplicity at its core, SendFox has managed to win the hearts of over 47k users in less than three years. 

Just like your average email marketing tool, SendFox has many different features that allow you to create and schedule campaigns, create automation campaigns, create opt-in forms, and more. 

There’s a lot to discuss so let’s dive straight into the features in this SendFox review. 

SendFox Features

Like I mentioned above, simplicity is a big attribute of SendFox’s philosophy. And all their features are built around that core to provide the best functionality in the simplest form possible. 

Here are some of the key features of SendFox that make it such a great tool for email marketing: 

Email Editor 

The most important part of an email marketing tool is its email editor. SendFox features a simple text-based email editor where you can add text, images, video, and other content. 

I really liked the editor as it’s very clean and distraction-free. From the previous email marketing tools I’ve used, I found the interface of SendFox delightful and refreshing as it wasn’t cluttered. 

SendFox - Email EditorPin

Unfortunately, the tool doesn’t come with an HTML editor and it has to be purchased through an add-on. This is due to the fact that most content creators simply want to communicate with their audience in the fastest way possible. 

As a blogger, I didn’t feel the need for an HTML editor as I prefer writing emails in plain text. Not to mention that plain text emails convert better than HTML emails

If you’re someone who wants to create simple emails without getting too flashy, SendFox’s email editor will get the job done for you. 


Just like their email editor, looking at the dashboard is candy to my eyes. There are only a few links at the top and you get an overview of your subscribers and signups. 

SendFox - DashboardPin

Again, it’s very simple and only shows you what’s important. This makes the experience of using an email marketing tool that is not so overwhelming which I love a lot. 

Lists & Contacts 

In SendFox, you can view all your contacts from one page. But you also have the ability to create email lists. 

Lots of email marketing tools have moved from lists to segments to provide more flexibility in managing contacts. Although you can’t segment contacts in SendFox, you can create dedicated lists for different purposes easily. 

SendFox - Email ListsPin

When creating a list in SendFox, you can import contacts from Google, a CSV file, and from Mailchimp. 

Once a list is created in SendFox, there’s not much you can do besides changing its name and adding/removing contacts.

One thing I really like about SendFox is that a contact counts against your quota only one time regardless of the number of email lists they belong to. 

In many email marketing tools, contacts are counted multiple times against the quota depending on how many lists or segments they belong to. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case in SendFox. 

Email Automation 

Not all free or affordable email marketing tools offer email automation. And this is one of the features that pushed me to use SendFox. 

In SendFox, you can create basic automation campaigns to send emails to subscribers whenever they enter a list. Here’s an example of an automation campaign:

SendFox - Email AutomationPin

You can add as many emails to your automation as you want. You can also add time intervals in between emails allowing you to create drip campaigns. Lastly, SendFox gives you the ability to move the subscribers to a different list at any point in the automation campaign. 

Honestly, that’s all I need to run automation campaigns for my blog. Yes, you can create advanced automation sequences in other tools but then those tools cost a lot. 

For someone who wants to create basic automation campaigns, SendFox will be more than enough to create drip campaigns, send onboarding emails, and build basic sales funnels. 

Forms & Landing Pages

Another notable feature of SendFox is its landing pages and forms. The form editor is very simple with limited options and gets the job done. You can then embed it anywhere on your website. 

SendFox - Optin FormsPin

The landing pages are a bit advanced and provide more customization options. You can add any content on your page from their editor and then customize the visual look of the page by changing the theme color and adding images. 

SendFox - Landing PagesPin

SendFox also features a SmartPage Assistant that helps you create landing pages. They also create a sample landing page automatically as you sign up for SendFox. Here’s what this page looks like: 

SendFox ReviewPin

Although I use Thrive Leads to create forms and landing pages, I really like the fact they provide the ability to create them using the tool. 

If you’re a YouTuber or a content creator who doesn’t have a website, these forms and landing pages can be very useful. 

Analytics & Contact Information 

SendFox offers advanced analytics on email campaigns giving you stats on email opens and clicks. 

On top of that, you can view the information of each contact added to your account. What’s impressive is that SendFox shows the statistics of the contact along with the ability to add notes for the contact. 

Here’s what a contact page looks like in SendFox: 

SendFox - Contact PagePin

As you can see from the above screenshot, you can view the emails sent to the contact along with the opens and clicks. You also have more information about the contact such as their IP address, source of opt-in, and the email lists they belong to. 

This makes tracking campaigns and managing contacts easy as you have all the information you need. 

SendFox Integrations 

One of the talking points of SendFox is whether it integrates with different lead generation and email opt-in tools. 

SendFox has made its API public which allows you to integrate it with any tool out there. But many tools have still not used their API to provide integration with SendFox. 

You can still find third-party add-ons or extensions that would make integration possible. For example, Elementor doesn’t integrate with SendFox at the moment but with the help of Foxy Elements, you can connect SendFox with Elementor for free. 

I use Thrive Leads for collecting emails and SendFox smoothly integrates with it which makes it perfect for me. 

If you’re using any other email opt-in tool or plugin, do check if SendFox integrates with it. 

SendFox Pricing & AppSumo Discount

So you’ve seen all the features of SendFox. Let’s take a look at the pricing of this tool: 

SendFox - PricingPin

As you can see from the above image, SendFox has three plans. The free plan comes with a contact limit of 1000 users. With the free plan, the email sends limit is throttled. 

The lifetime plan costs $49 for 5000 contacts with unlimited email sends per month. You also get a better sending server and minimal SendFox branding on emails. 

Then you have the Empire Add-on that costs $18/month and comes with the HTML editor along with no SendFox branding. But this add-on requires you to purchase the Lifetime plan as well. 

Personally, I have used the Lifetime plan and I’m also using the free plan on one of my websites currently. I find the pricing to be quite reasonable as you don’t have to pay monthly. 

Although, I’m not a big fan of the Empire Add-on as you don’t get much for $18/month. At that price, I could rather purchase any other email marketing solution and get more features. But I could excuse this pricing as it helps them cover their bills and costs. 

If you’re just starting out and want to build an email list, I highly recommend you go for the free plan to test the waters. Once your list grows beyond 1000 subscribers, you can upgrade to the Lifetime plan. 

But if you’re someone who already has an email list and wants to switch to SendFox, the Lifetime plan is definitely worth the money. If we compare the pricing of SendFox to other similar solutions, you’d be saving probably hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

Just a reminder that the Lifetime Plan actually costs $240 but since AppSumo is running a lifetime deal, you can get the tool at just $49

I don’t know how long this lifetime deal will last so if you’re badly in need of an email marketing tool, it’s better to grab it soon before the deal ends. 

SendFox Pros & Cons 

To help you decide if SendFox is worth your money, I have created a short pros and cons list that will help assess the features of this tool: 

What I Like About SendFox

  • Very clean and simple interface
  • Ability to create forms and landing pages
  • Can create basic automation campaigns
  • Contacts are count only once against the quota
  • Powerful and advanced analytics
  • Very affordable

What I Don’t Like About SendFox

  • Using the HTML editor requires purchasing an add-on
  • Double opt-in is not optional without an add-on
  • No email templates
  • No list segmentation

SendFox Compared To Other Email Marketing Tools

When you’re in the market looking for an email marketing tool, you’d obviously compare different tools against each other. 

SendFox is no exception. There are many other tools out there such as MailerLite, Mailchimp, ConverKit, etc. 

And when you compare SendFox against these tools, it might lose out due to the lack of features. 
But here’s the thing: 

SendFox is not supposed to be a full-blown email marketing tool that has so many different features. The team over at SendFox has made it clear that they are not a competitor or alternative to these tools. 

In fact, here’s a quote by David who is the creator of SendFox: 

“We’re NOT going to copy Mailchimp. Or ConvertKit. Or any other email tool out there. Those guys have been around forever, do things a specific way, and our goal isn’t to make a clone of their tool. We’ve used most of them pretty intensely, and we want to go a different path. Our goal is to make the best tool for content creators to communicate with their audience. If a person needs something more complex or they’re not a content creator — there are lots of other tools out there that could help a ton.”

David, Creator of SendFox

The bottom line is that SendFox isn’t planning on positioning itself as another email marketing tool in the market. Their primary target audience is bloggers and content creators who want a simple email tool at a reasonable price. 

And they’ve done a perfect job at creating an email tool for that audience. 


I’ve juggled between different email marketing tools for almost my entire online career. From Mailchimp to MailerLite, I’ve used a lot of tools. 

And I was never satisfied due to different reasons such as high cost, limited features, or other issues.

SendFox is one of those tools that blew it out of the park with its simplicity, very affordable pricing, and ease of use. 

Ultimately, I think it is the perfect email marketing tool for small bloggers and content creators out there.