Teachable Stats: 20+ Teachable Company Statistics [2022]

Teachable is a very popular platform for building and selling courses online. 

In this article, I’ll be sharing the best Teachable stats including all about their users, revenue, valuation, employees, and more. 

This will answer all your questions such as: 

How many users does Teachable have? What is Teachable’s net worth?

…and so forth. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in this Teachable stats roundup:

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

Teachable Stats Highlights (Top Picks) 

  • Teachable was launched in the year 2013 originally named Fedora. 
  • Teachable has over 100,000 users on its platform. 
  • Teachable generates over $44.7 million in revenue annually. 
  • In the year 2020, Teachable creators around $400 million and launched 154,500 new courses. 
  • Teachable creators have generated over $1 billion in sales. 
  • Teachable was acquired in 2020 by Hotmart.
  • Teachable has had 5 funding rounds with their latest funding of $4 million in the year 2018. 
  • Over 268 employees currently work at Teachable. 
  • 76% of Teachable employees are women, while 24% are men.
  • The average median salary of Teachable employees is $53,000 annually.

Teachable Users

Teachable currently has over 100,000 users who are building and selling courses on their platform.

Teachable UsersPin

The instructors on Teachable collectively have sold courses worth over $1 billion since launch. 

Source: Teachable

How Popular Is Teachable?

According to SimilarWeb, Teachable gets over 16.7M monthly visitors. 

Teachable TrafficPin

33.97% of Teachable’s traffic comes from the US. 

Teachable StatsPin

Here’s a breakdown of Teachable’s traffic based on location: 


Source: SimilarWeb

Most of Teachable’s traffic comes directly through users who are either students or instructors on the platform. 

Teachable Traffic Distribution By SourcePin

Teachable gets 55.58% of its traffic directly with referrals coming in second place driving 21.80% of the traffic to the website. 

Social 10.16%

Source: SimilarWeb

Search Interest In Teachable 

According to Exploding Topics, search interest in Teachable has been growing over the last 5 years. 

Teachable StatsPin

The searches for the term “Teachable” have grown by 132% over the last 5 years. 

Source: Exploding Topics

Teachable Revenue

According to GrowJo, Teachable’s annual revenue is $44.7 million

Teachable RevenuePin

In the year 2020, Teachable generated a revenue of $26 million. 

Teachable Revenue HistoryPin

Here’s a breakdown of Teachable’s revenue growth: 


Source: GetLaka

Teachable GMV Growth

Teachable has driven over $1 billion in earnings for the instructors and teachers on their platform. 

The GMV growth of Teachable is very consistent as seen from the graph below: 

Teachable - GMV GrowthPin

Source: TechCrunch

How much is Teachable Worth?

As of June 2022, Teachable’s net worth is $134 million after their last funding round in 2018. 

Teachable Net WorthPin

Since their last funding round, Teachable was acquired in 2020 by Hotmart. 

They’ve received several rounds of funding since its launch back in 2013.

Teachable FundingPin

Here is a tabular breakdown of Teachable’s funding history: 

YearFunding RoundFunding
2017Series A$4M
2018Series A$4M

Source: GetLaka

How Many People Work At Teachable? 

268 employees work at Teachable as of June 2022. 

Teachable EmployeesPin

76% of Teachable employees are women, while 24% are men.

If we look at the race & ethnicity of Teachable employees, then 65.5% of Teachable employees are White followed by Hispanics comprising 17.2% of their workforce. 

Teachable Employees Race & EthnicityPin

Here’s a tabular breakdown of Teachable’s employee ethnicity distribution: 

Ethnicity Distribution
Black / African America13.8 %

Source: Zippia

How Much Do Teachable Employees Make?

The average median salary of Teachable employees is $53,000 annually. This roughly translates to an hourly rate of $25.48.

Teachable SalaryPin

The entry-level salary in Teachable is $24,000 annually. 

Source: Zippia


So, that’s all for our compilation of the best Teachable stats. 

Reading these crazy stats about Teachable had my mind blown. It speaks volumes about how big the ed-tech industry is. 

Many key players in the industry such as Podia, Teachable, Thinkific, etc have grown big in the last few years. It’ll be interesting to see what these companies will look like in 5-10 years. 

Anyways, if you liked this list, feel free to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. 

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