VapourHost Review: Experience After Hosting Multiple Websites

By: Ahfaz Ahmed

In this article, I’ll be sharing my in-depth VapourHost review and why I’ve been using this web hosting for most of my websites. 

Today, more and more hosting companies are emerging offering hosting solutions at affordable rates. One such hosting company caught my eye a while back and I immediately realized that this one is a bit special. 

VapourHost offers cheap and affordable web hosting services with great features and services. Usually, affordable and good don’t blend well together. But that’s not the case with VapourHost. 

My VapourHost Review 

Before I get into the details of VapourHost and its features, I want to list down all the things that I liked and didn’t like about their web hosting. 

What I Like About VapourHost

  • Their pricing is really affordable for anyone who wants to start a website. Whether you already have a website or beginning your blogging journey, VapourHost’s pricing plans are the perfect fit for everyone. 
  • They have a 99.9% uptime and I barely experienced any significant site downtime on any of my websites. 
  • I really love their dashboard interface. Feels very refreshing whenever I log in to my dashboard to make any changes. 
  • VapourHost has a 1-click installer that makes it very easy to install WordPress. You can use the 1-click installer for many other scripts as well. 
  • They offer free daily and weekly backups to ensure your data is safe. I can sleep better at night knowing that my data is securely backed up. 
  • Moving between plans is so easy. You can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel your plans with a single click.
  • The free migration allows you to easily move from your previous host to VapourHost. 

What I Don’t Like About VapourHost

  • I wish the pricing plans had more clarity and transparency on how much memory is allocated in different plans. Instead of mentioning +power or ++power on their page, they could mention what that actually means for the user. 
  • While I truly love their support, I hope their responses get much faster especially for urgent or emergency support requests. 

VapourHost Web Hosting Features

From my quick review, you might have already got an idea of why VapourHost is so good. Let me now dive into the details of VapourHost features. 

Daily Backups 

Many or almost all web hosting providers offer daily or atleast weekly backups. But what’s so great about VapourHost is that their daily and weekly backups are completely free. 

You don’t have to pay an extra charge for backups. And the same goes for restoring your data. If something unfortunate happens to your site and its data, you can simply request their support to restore your data and they’ll do it for you. 

This is really awesome on their part as most web hosting companies charge you extra money for manual restoration. 

Optimized For Speed 

VapourHost uses LiteSpeed web server along with LSCache that results in a terrific performance. Don’t believe it? 

Here are the GTMetrix speed stats of this website that is hosted on VapourHost: 

RankHox GTMetrix Stats - Post Optimization

And here are the PageSpeed Insights stats: 

RankHox PageSpeed Desktop Stats - Post Optimization

A lot goes into optimizing your site speed but your web hosting plays a crucial part in it. You can only go as high as your web hosting lets you. 

Thankfully with VapourHost, my websites can touch the sky with their speed and performance. That’s how good it is. 


The biggest reason I moved to VapourHost was that one of my websites was getting DDoS attacks which were affecting its performance. 

With VapourHost, I don’t worry about my website being under any attack. Their malware scanners ensure that your website is secure from any malware or exploits. 

Moreover, they also use CloudLinux which isolates each user account in shared servers resulting in much better security. 

99% Uptime Guarantee

I talked about VapourHost’s uptime guarantee at the beginning of this review. Well, let me back this up by showing you my site’s uptime stats from Uptime Robot

RankHox - Uptime Robot Monitor

As you can see, the uptime for this blog that is hosted on VapourHost is 99.95%. That’s pretty impressive to me as I’ve experienced significant downtime on several other web hosting services I’ve used in the past. 

And these are just stats for this blog. All my other sites hosted on VapourHost have the same uptime. 

Uses Latest Technology

VapourHost uses the latest version of PHP for their servers which results in better security and faster speed. 

Their servers are also HTTP/2 enabled giving an extra boost to your website’s performance. So, if speed is a concern for you, VapourHost got you covered. 

Clean Interface

While many people don’t care much about the user interface of a platform, for me, it’s often the deciding factor for using a product. 

As a designer, it’s important for me that a product is designed with proper care to deliver the best experience to its users. 

And boy does VapourHost deliver! They have by far one of the best dashboard interfaces I’ve used in any web hosting provider (Cloudways is up there as well!). 

Here’s what their user dashboard looks like: 

VapourHost - Dashboard

Just look at how clean and beautifully designed it is! 

Users don’t often log into their web hosting. When they do, it’s usually for something important or even something urgent. When this happens, a visually clean and appealing dashboard helps the user carry out the action quickly. 

Whenever I log in to my VapourHost dashboard, I can easily jump into any page or setting I want instantly.

I wish more web hosting companies would understand that having a dashboard that looks like it was designed in the early Internet era isn’t helping them offer a good experience to their users. 

VapourHost has truly won my heart when it comes to design and UX. 

VapourHost Pricing & Plans 

Whether you want to start a website with no traffic or want to move to a hosting that can accommodate high traffic, VapourHost has your needs covered. 

They have a wide range of plans suited for every person and use case. Here are the different VapourHost plans in detail: 

Basic Plan – starts at ₹90/month

Their first plan is the Basic Plan which is perfect for anyone starting a website. I became a part of the VapourHost family by purchasing this plan first. 

One of my websites with decent traffic is hosted on this plan with no issues whatsoever. The VapourHost Basic Plan lets you host a single website with 5GB SSD storage and 50GB bandwidth. 

You get all the features of VapourHost such as a cPanel, Softaculous Installer, fast speed, etc. 

PlanBasic Plan
SSD Storage5GB

This plan is perfect for: 

  • Anyone who wants to start a new website, a blog, or a portfolio. 
  • Anyone who wants to test out VapourHost. 

Primary Plan – starts at ₹150/month

If you have more than one website, then you can consider the VapourHost Primary Plan. This plan is available in two tiers namely Primary Plan 1 and Primary Plan 2. 

In Primary Plan 1, you can host 2 websites with 10GB SSD storage and 100GB bandwidth. This plan costs ₹150/month. 

The Primary Plan 2 costs ₹200/month and lets you host 5 websites with 15GB SSD storage and 200GB bandwidth. 

PlanPrimary Plan 1Primary Plan 2
SSD Storage10GB 15GB

This plan is perfect for: 

  • Bloggers who run multiple traffic websites. 
  • Anyone who wants to host their client websites. 

Power Plan – starts at ₹299/month

After my incredible experience with the Basic plan, I purchased the VapourHost Power Plan and have currently hosted a couple of websites on it. 

The Power Plan has three tiers. The first one is Power Plan 1 which lets you host unlimited websites with 20GB SSD storage and 500GB bandwidth at just ₹299/month. 

With Power Plan 2, you get 25GB SSD storage and 1000GB bandwidth for ₹419/month. 

The last one is Power Plan 3 with even more storage of 35GB and 1500GB bandwidth. This plan costs ₹549/month. 

All the three VapourHost plans also mention how much power you get. The first plan has +power followed by ++power and +++power respectively. 

PlanPower Plan 1Power Plan 2Power Plan 3
SSD Storage20GB 25GB35GB

This plan is perfect for: 

  • Anyone who wants to host more than 5 websites or blogs. 
  • Anyone who wants to host multiple client websites. 
  • Anyone who wants to move all their websites to a new host. 

VapourHost Ultra – starts at $10/month 

The last one is the VapourHost Ultra plan which they only introduced recently. I haven’t got the chance to test it out personally, but it’s truly the next level from what I’ve heard from others. 

It uses state-of-the-art scalable cloud servers that are a match made in heaven for your WordPress site. 

There are 4 tiers or plans for VapourHost Ultra as shown below: 

The first plan lets you host a single WordPress site with 5GB SSD storage and 200GB bandwidth. The subsequent plans let you host 3, 10, and 30 websites respectively with increased storage and bandwidth capacities. 

Another thing to mention here is that the VapourHost Ultra plans also come with their own VapourCDN which is currently in beta. This CDN promises to deliver even faster performance at affordable costs. 

It’s also important to note that the pricing of the Ultra plans is in dollars making it more suitable for non-Indian users as well. 

PlanUltra Plan 1Ultra Plan 2Ultra Plan 3Ultra Plan 4
SSD Storage5GB 15GB50GB150GB

This plan is perfect for: 

  • Anyone who wants a flawless WordPress hosting solution. 
  • Non-Indian users who want to switch to a new web hosting. 

Which VapourHost Hosting Plan Should You Get? 

So, VapourHost offers a ton of variety when choosing their hosting. That’s pretty awesome but can be a bit confusing to you. 

No worries. Here’s a simplified overview of which plan to get based on different needs: 

Basic Plan: For first-time bloggers, website owners, and anyone who only needs to host a single website. 

Primary Plan: Anyone who has or manages multiple websites/blogs for themselves or their clients. 

Power Plan: Anyone who wants to host more than 10 or all their websites in a single web hosting without sacrificing performance and quality. 

Ultra Plan: For the pros who want the best of the best in all aspects. 

My Experience With VapourHost

In any product I review, I like to share my personal experiences so that the users know what to expect and whether it’s worth their money. 

The same goes for the case of VapourHost as I’ve hosted multiple websites here. So, without further ado, here is my experience with using VapourHost. 

Hosted Multiple Websites 

As I’ve already mentioned a couple of times in this review, I’ve hosted multiple websites on VapourHost and my experience has been amazing.

This is one of the reasons why I am writing this review in the first place. I’ve used many hosting services such as Bluehost, FastComet, Namecheap, HostGator, A2Hosting, etc. 

And in all the above-listed web hosting services I’ve used, there was always something wrong. Sometimes it would be the speed. Other times it would be the experience. 

In a nutshell, my experience VapourHost has been unlike any other. I’ve never encountered any major issue that left a bad taste for the company. 

Customer Support

One of my sites on VapourHost was facing an excessive memory and disk usage issue. I reached out to the VapourHost support team by submitting a ticket. 

The problem was a bit confusing to me and their team was very helpful in getting my issue resolved. The support system interface is also very simple which makes it easy to create a support request. 

The experience was very good because they actually cared about the problem I was facing and did everything to fix it. 

Good & Trustable Founders 

Both the founders of VapourHost, Chirag Agarwal and Chirag Aggarwal (yes, they both have the same names but different spelling) have a very reputable image among the Indian bloggers’ community. 

That’s in fact how I got to know about VapourHost. Many new bloggers look for cheap and affordable hosting solutions and in every group or community, people always recommended VapourHost. 

Here are some screenshots of how beloved and trusted they are in the community: 

VH FB Reviews

That’s all it took to me realize that these guys are legit and doing some really awesome work for the community. 

You know a product is good when the founders put all their heart and soul into it. Kudos to you Chirag! And Chirag as well! 

Before I conclude my VapourHost review, here are some questions that are commonly asked about VapourHost: 

Q. Does VapourHost offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, VapourHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. 

Q. Is there any hidden charges or fee? 

No, and that’s the best part, isn’t it? The pricing you see on their landing page is the price you have to pay (excluding taxes). 

Q. Can VapourHost handle a high-traffic blog? 

Yes, it certainly can. They have a variety of plans so that their hosting can handle any kind of website. 

Q. Does VapourHost offer free migration? 

Yes, VapourHost offers free site migrations. 

Conclusion: Is it Vaporizing The Competitors In The Hosting Industry? 

By now, I think you already know where I stand on whether you should use VapourHost or not (hint: you definitely should). 

The real question is: Is VapourHost vaporizing its competitors? 

Puns aside, the biggest advantage of using VapourHost is that it’s a value-centric hosting company. While major players in the hosting industry are busy with their deceptive pricing and marketing tactics, VapourHost comes out straight with its value proposition promising to give the best value and care to its users. 

And so far, they have fulfilled their promise quite successfully. From performance to support, VapourHost is an awesome hosting service. 

If that was not enough, their pricing is perfect for everyone. It’s perfect for beginners who are looking for affordable and cheap web hosting. And it’s also affordable for professionals who are looking to scale their business without burning their expenses in hosting costs. 

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or professional, if you’re looking for web hosting right now, VapourHost is the way to go. I’m pretty sure they’ll never let you down. 

Final Verdict


Ease Of Use

1-click WordPress installer and a clean interface make it so easy to get started.



They use the latest technology stack to ensure top quality and performance.



Such a helpful support team that is dedicated to fixing any issues you face.



One of the best cheap web hosting services available out there in the market.