Visme Review: Is It The Best Online Infographic Design Tool?

After designing & publishing infographics over the past few years, I’ve been getting messages from people asking me how do I create such infographics.

As a designer, I use Adobe Illustrator for designing infographics. But for someone who isn’t into design but wants to get started, I can’t recommend Adobe Illustrator right off the bat.

Instead, using online infographic makers would help a lot. I even created a list of the best infographic makers.

And today, I’ll be reviewing one of the tools I mentioned in that list.

This infographic tools is called Visme and is the best infographic maker I ever used. In this review, I’ll share with you what makes this tool good, it’s features, pricing, and how it compares to other infographic design tools.

So, let’s get started.

What Is Visme?

Visme is an online design tool that lets you design presentations, infographics, charts, and social media graphics.

Visme HomepagePin

Just like any other design tool, Visme comes with hundreds of templates, an intuitive editor, and other cool features.

The tool has been used by big companies such as IBM, Netflix, Accenture, NFPA, and more.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the features Visme has to offer.

Visme Features

I have to be honest with you:

When I first started using Visme, I was a bit skeptical. It was mainly because I already used some great design tools like Canva and Venngage.

I didn’t think of Visme as even a close competitor to these tools

Well, guess what?

I was TOTALLY wrong!

Visme is a tool jam-packed with features you would love to use and will help you create better graphics with ease.

That being said, let’s discuss the different features available in Visme.

What Can You Create Using Visme?

Before choosing any design tool, the first and foremost question everyone has is:

What can I design using this tool?

Well, with Visme you can design presentations, infographics, graphs and charts, and social media graphics.


Visme lets you design beautiful presentations with ease. With over 1000 templates and slides, you can design presentations faster.

Create Presentations Using VismePin

The Visme presentation software comes with 120 fonts, 50+ charts, and a whopping 500,000+ high-resolution stock photos that you can use in your presentations.

There’s a media library and a slide library that lets you create your own library that you can use later for other presentations.

Other cool features include animations, ability to create actionable slides, music and videos, in your presentation.


You’re probably here for this.

Visme is an awesome tool for infographic design. This is because they provide hundreds of beautiful templates, ready-made blocks, graphs and charts, data widgets, photos and graphics, and more.

Create Infographics Using VismePin

The tool goes way beyond design as it lets track and analyze the performance of your infographics.

You can create a team, set brand guidelines, and even set permissions.


I really love that Visme lets you create graphs and charts. Whether you’re creating a presentation or an infographic, data is a vital component.

Create Graphs Using VismePin

And, to switch to some other tool for creating graphs is very tedious. Thankfully, you can create beautiful charts and graphs within Visme.

Their graph maker lets you import data or even connect to Google Sheets. By using Google Sheets, your charts and graphs will update with live data. How awesme is that?

Social Media Graphics

You can also create stunning social media graphics using Visme. There are templates you can choose from you can design from scratch.

Create Social Media Graphics Using VismePin

There are hundreds of fonts to choose from and a library of stunning photos.

With Visme you can create graphics for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Now, that you know what you can create using Visme, it’s time to take a look at Visme’s drag-and-drop editor.

Visme Editor

Visme’s drag-and-drop editor is very intuitive and easy to use. The different sections are divided into tabs as you can see from the image below.

Visme Online EditorPin

Here’s what each tab contains:


The basics tab contains all the basic elements such as header, text, stats and figures, and diagrams.

The header & text lets you add beautiful headers to your graphics.

Visme Basics - Header & TextPin

With stats and figures, you can add stats with icons or illustrations. This way you don’t have to create beautiful stats as you already get ready-made blocks that can be added directly.

Visme Basics - Stats & FiguresPin

Similarly, you can also add graphics and text to your graphics. There are some really awesome blocks that you can use in your infographics.

Visme Basics - Graphics & TextPin

Lastly, there are diagrams. Visme offers diagrams with solid color, with an outline, and without any borders.

Visme Basics - DiagramsPin


Using icons and illustrations is a crucial part of designing anything. Whether it’s a presentation or an infographic, you need great set of graphics in the tool you’re using.

With Visme, you get a huge collection of icons and shapes that you can use in your designs. All these graphics are categorized to help you find your desired shape or icon easily.

I must say that most of the graphics are pretty but the boy the good ones look stunning.

Visme Graphics - IllustrationsPin

Visme also has a huge collection of stock photos that you can use in your work. These photos are from Unsplash which is a very good stock photos website.

Visme Graphics - PhotosPin


I really love the fact that you can create awesome charts and graphs in Visme. You can import data in the form of a .csv or excel file. Or you can import them directly by connecting to Google Sheets.

Visme Data - ChartsPin

You can create various types of charts in Visme including pie chart, bar graph, line chart, area chart, scatter plots, funnel charts, pyramid charts, and more.

Visme - Charts & GraphsPin

Visme also lets you create flow charts, create tables, and even add maps. There’s a lot you can do with your data using Visme.


Visme isn’t just a tool to design stunning visuals. You can also use it to create interactive content.

Visme - MediaPin

The tool lets you insert a video, add audio, and even embed online content into your graphics.

Theme Colors

I really love this feature. With one click, you can completely change the color of your graphics. There are some pretty good premade theme colors you can use for your infographics.

Visme - Theme ColorsPin

And, if you wish to add your own theme colors, you can do that too. The theme colors will be a part of the brand kit.

My Files  

Visme offers a fully-fledged file manager where you can upload your own files. You can use this upload your brand assets such as logos, photos, graphics, and more.

Visme - My FilesPin

Download Options

It’s pretty obvious that you want the best quality designs. Visme helps you with that by offering several different download options.

Here are the various download options available in Visme:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF
  • PPTX
  • HTML5

Visme – Create Your Own Brand

If you’re going to use Visme as your go-to tool for designing graphics, you probably would want to use your own brand guidelines.

The good news is that Visme has a ‘My Brand’ dashboard where you can set your brand guidelines.

Here you can set your typography by choosing fonts or uploading your own.


You can add color palettes and set theme colors.

Visme My Brand - ColorsPin

It also lets you create your own templates that you can use for your designs.

Visme My Brand - TemplatesPin

Your brand is incomplete with your logo. So, you can also upload your logo to Visme and it will be displayed on all your published pages.

Visme My Brand - My LogoPin

Lastly, Visme lets you add your brand links. This includes your website URL, email address, and social media links.

Visme My Brand - Brand LinksPin

All in all, Visme has a pretty solid dashboard for your brand management.

Visme Pricing

So, we’ve looked at all bells and whistles of Visme. Just by looking at all the things you can do with this tool, it really is an awesome tool for designing.

But, let’s not judge too quickly. It’s time to take a look at Visme’s pricing and see if the features match the price or not.

Here are the pricing plans for Visme:

Visme - PricingPin

The free version of the tool lets you create 5 projects with 100MB of storage. The templates are limited and not all the graphics and charts are available for free.

This plan is good for those who want to get started with designing infographics or presentations.

The plan I recommend to individuals is their Standard plan which costs $14/month. With this plan, you can create up to 15 projects and get 250MB of storage.

You get all of Visme’s premium assets including their templates, graphics, charts, widgets, and more.

If you’re a business, then you should take a look at their business plans:

Visme Business PricingPin

The Complete business plan costs $25/month and comes with unlimited projects and 10GB storage.

You also get access to their Brand Kit feature where you can set your brand guidelines.

Just by looking at their pricing, I would say that Visme is a pretty affordable tool compared to its competitors.

At this price, no other design tool would offer the features that Visme provides.

Visme Pros & Cons

Using Visme was a good experience for me but there were some hiccups here and there. And, that’s why I want to list out some pros and cons of this tool.

Although the good things of Visme outweigh the bad, it’s still good to highlight some of the stuff that I wish was better in this tool.

Here are the pros and cons of Visme:

Visme Pros:

  • Easy to use editor
  • Can create awesome charts and graphs
  • Simple brand management
  • Huge library of fonts and text combinations
  • Stunning maps
  • Affordable

Visme Cons:

  • Pretty basic templates
  • Graphics and icons are very plain in the free plan Easy to use editor


Here’s my conclusive review of Visme:

If you’re someone who wants to design stunning infographics, presentations, and social media graphics, you should definitely choose Visme.

I recommend going to the Standard plan as it has all the features you would need. You can also go for the free plan but eventually, you’ll need to upgrade.