Wix Users & Revenue Statistics [2022]

Wix was launched in 2006 as a website builder to help you design and build websites. 

Today, it’s one of the biggest website builder platforms on the Internet with over 210 million users. 

How did they get here? How popular is Wix? 

In this roundup, you’ll find key information about Wix statistics of their users and revenue. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s included in this Wix stats roundup: 

So, lets’ take a look at these jaw-dropping Wix statistics and facts. 

Wix Usage Statistics Highlights (Top Picks) 

  • Wix currently has over 228 million users as of June 2022. 
  • As of June 2022, Wix is valued at over $3.51 billion. 
  • Wix made a total revenue of $342 million in Q1 of 2022 (up by 14%). 
  • Wix’s total revenue for the year 2021 was $1.26B.
  • Over 332,000 eCommerce sites are currently using the Wix platform. 
  • Over 45k users sign up for Wix every single day. 
  • Wix is projected to have a revenue of $14 billion in the next 10 years. 

Wix Users

How Many Users Does Wix Have? 

As of 2022, Wix has over 228 million users using its website builder platform. 

This number has been steadily increasing over the years as the company has experienced significant growth. 

Here’s a chart showcasing their user growth over the years:

Wix Users Pin

We also have a tabular breakdown of Wix users since 2009:

20091+ million
20107+ million
201117+ million 
201228+ million
201342+ million
201458+ million
201577+ million
201697+ million
2017119+ million
2018142+ million
2019165+ million
2020197+ million
2021222+ million 

Source: Wix

Wix Average Daily Signups

Wix has 45k average daily signups worldwide.

Wix Traffic

Wix Traffic Distribution By Country & Source

According to SimilarWeb, Wix gets over 51.0M traffic monthly

If we break down the Wix traffic by country, then the USA comes at first with over 32% of the traffic coming to the site from this country. 

Here’s a chart displaying the traffic distribution to Wix by country: 

Wix Traffic Distribution By CountryPin

We’ve also added this data into tabular form: 

CountryTraffic Share
India 3.90%
Others 47.02%

Source: SimilarWeb

Wix gets 63.39% of its traffic directly. This is primarily due to the fact that existing Wix users visit the site without any other platform. 

Wix Traffic Distribution By SourcePin

Here’s a table displaying the traffic distribution of Wix by source: 

SourceTraffic Share
Display 0.50%

Source: SimilarWeb

Search Interest In Wix

According to Exploding Topics, the search interest for the term “Wix” has dropped by 17% over the last five years. The term gets around 550K monthly searches.  

Search Interest In WixPin

Source: Exploding Topics

Wix Revenue

How Much Money Does Wix Make? 

Wix reported total revenue of $342 million in Q1 of 2022 which is a 14% increase from their previous quarter. 

In the year 2021, Wix generated a revenue of $1.26 billion

Wix RevenuePin

Here’s a table breaking down their revenue over the years: 

2012$43+ million
2013$80+ million
2014$141+ million
2015$203+ million
2016$290+ million
2017$425+ million
2018$603+ million
2019$761+ million
2020$984+ million
2021$1.26+ billion

Source: MacroTrends

They also reported a +116% net revenue retention which is very impressive. 

Wix Quarterly RevenuePin

Here’s a table displaying Wix’s revenue growth over the last few quarters: 

Q1 2020$213 million
Q2 2020$235 million
Q3 2020$253 million
Q4 2020$283 million
Q1 2021$301 million
Q2 2021$316 million
Q3 2021$320 million
Q4 2021$333 million
Q1 2022$342 million

Source: Wix

How Does Wix Make Money? 

Wix makes its money by selling its Creative Subscriptions and Business Solutions

These come in the form of their website, eCommerce, and business subscriptions to their platform. 

Wix Revenue Forecast

In their Investors Day 2022 slide deck, Wix unveiled their revenue forecast goals for the year 2025. 

Wix has forecasted to reach a total revenue of ~$2.5 billion by the year 2025

Here’s a chart of their project revenue growth till 2025: 

Wix Revenue ForecastPin

We’ve also broken down this data into the following table: 

YearRevenue Growth
2023-202521-23% annually 

Source: Wix

Wix Net Loss

Wix reported a GAPP net loss of $227.3 million in the first quarter of 2022

How much is Wix Worth?

Wix’s net worth as of June 02, 2022, is $3.51B.  

Wix Net WorthPin

Here’s a showcase of Wix’s net worth over the last few years: 

YearNet Worth 
2014$790+ million
2015$900+ million
2016$1.86+ billion
2017$2.53+ billion
2018$4.29+ billion
2019$6.68+ billion
2020$14.54+ billion
2021$8.99+ billion
2022$3.51+ billion 

Source: MacroTrends

How Many People Work At Wix? 

Wix has over 6000 employees in their company as of June 2022. 

Source: Wix

Wix Market Share 

Wix has a market share of 1.9% in the CMS market as of December 2021. They rank 3rd just behind WordPress and Shopify. 

Wix Market SharePin

Here’s a tabular breakdown of the CMS market share as of 2021:

CMSMarket Share
Other 9.4%

Source: Joost

How Many Apps Are Available At The Wix App Market?

Over 300 apps are available on the Wix App Market

The App Market by Wix consists of several different apps users can install on their website to enhance its functionality and features. 

Source: Wix

How Many Templates Are Available At Wix?

Wix has a collection of more than 800 templates on its marketplace. Most of these templates are available for free to Wix users. 

Source: Wix


That’s a wrap for my roundup of the best Wix statistics and interesting facts. 

A lot of these stats knocked my socks off since I didn’t know how big Wix actually is! 

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